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  I don't post to these pages any more.  I do, however, leave the older queries here for searching.  I have put links to other query message boards in my Resource Center
Neil Holland family 
hi my name is wendy i am trying to find out information about my dads family
whom is from north carolina i dont have no info on him except i know i have
an uncle roy and a aunt nancy i never met my dads side of the family i dont
know what his parents names are i do know he was born in 1938 his is Troy
Neil Holland i realy would like to know if u are from the holland family and
if u can help me i also have an uncle charlie who lives in nj last i knew he
owns a bar thats all i know about him i also know my dads mom died in  1983 i
dont no nothing about his dad my dad married in nj to my mom her name is
marion conklin  thanxs                        
     wendy Holland     Burgerkween@aol.com   31 January 1999  
Hollands in Minnesota

I am looking for any info on the following Hollands:
George Holland m. Mary Louise Prue (b. 11 June 1844 d. 19 May 1926
Wash. Co., MN) on 10 August 1867 in Dakota Co., MN. George and Mary
had at least two sons;
William b. March 1864? and George Theodore Holland Jr. b. 5 May 1868
Wash. Co., MN d. 1 Jan. 1958 in Chisago Co., MN

George Jr. m. Olive Dalphine Brunell on 25 Nov. 1895 in Wash. Co., MN
they had the following children:
Pearl b. 1896 d. 1980
Cecil b. 1898 d. 1977
Violet b. 1900 still living?
Beatrice b. 1902 d. 1956
Ervin b. 1904 d. 1976
Michael b. 1906 d. ?
James b. 1908 d. ?
Ruby b. 1917 d. ?
naomipa@comcast.net          14 May 1999

Elizabeth Holland Can anyone identify the Elizabeth Holland who married Sterling Moore in 1825 Washington Co. TN with William Gillespie, bond.  Was this the Sterling Moore who d 1836/7 in Wilkes Co. NC who's will names wife Elizabeth? The 1850 census of Wilkes finds the widow Elizabeth MOORE with son John Moore, his wife Rachel (Ray) and a 13 year old girl Theresa HOLLAND. Can anyone identify Theresa HOLLAND of Wilkes Co?
If the Eliz. Holland/Sterling Moore marriage from TN is the same couple as found in Wilkes Co. then Elizabeth is probably a Holland widow, rather than a Holland by birth, as Sterling Moore (of Wilkes) was born c 1770. 1850 census of Wilkes also states Eliz. was born c 1770, and born in Wilkes Cos.  Appreciate any ideas for Moore-Holland research in these areas. 
Mannos2@aol.com  15 March 1999
Martin Holland Am searching for ancestors of my father, Theodore R Holland 1902-1976.  His father, James Holland married Cova Cahala.  They lived in Francisco, In. James was born in Hancock Co Ky, son of Martin HOLLAND and Catherine Newton.  Catherine's parents were Washington & Rhoda.  Who were Martin's parents? Any info would be appreciated. Kathy Washburn    wash49@starcourier.com   15 March 1999
Hollands of Tattnal Co. GA I'm looking for a Molly Tapely Holland who was Cherokee. I believe she was married to Jordon Holland. Both can be found in the Bull Creek Cementary in Tattnal Co., GA.       From:  RHite14206@aol.com    24 Feb 1999
Pinkney Holland My daddy's name was Howard Truman Holland.  He had two brothers, William P. and Aubrey Ray. He also had  three sisters, Hazel Marie, Louise, and Audrey Fay  who was the twin of Ray.  All we know about my grandfather was W.P. Holland and his father was Pinkney Holland from Woodsville, TX .  I hope this can help us all in our quest to fill our family  tree.  Sharon Holland Dyer  sadyer@webtv.net (Sharon Holland Dyer)   8 February 1999 
Lola Holland I am searching for Lola Holland.  She was married to Doc R. Stephens and lived in Wilbarger Co., Tx. abt. 1904.  The family then moved to Orr, Love Co., Oklahoma.  Family lore is that her father came over directly from Wales.  Does anyone have a missing Lola?
Kathleen Baxter     sbaxter@peoplescom.net   http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/6809/
Mary Holland I am trying to complete my family ancestry search without the lucky streak that I had in the beginning. I can't find Mary Holland any where.  All I have to go on is my grandmother's death certificate: AJ CHAMBERS m MARY HOLLAND CHAMBERS. They were born in the 1850-60 timespan and had 3 daughters that are listed on the certificate: (A)Merica Elizabeth Chambers Murphy (whose certificate bears the information that I am using) who was born April 11, 1899 and died at age 64 on 11-14-63. Two other sisters were also alive in 1963: Mrs. Albert Johnson of St. Charles MO (Mary Holland Chambers is also presumed living with this daughter because they are both from the same town) and Mrs. Harold Holloday/Holliday of Sullivan, MO. I am not sure of the names of the sisters except that they might be: Mae, Grace, or Lucy. I don't know which is the Holliday or Johnson-- or if they had previous marriages.  I don't even know if Mary Holland had a previous marriage before marrying Mr. Chambers. I think, however, it was the only marriage for them both.  No mention is made of Mr. Chambers on the certificate, but I presume he was deceased.  The certificate says that Merica was born in Newton County, Arkansas. I can't find a record of the Chambers family there.  There is a curious connection, however, that I also can't place them in: John Murphy married Merica. I know that they were in Tennessee when their 4 children were born: Nancy Ellen, Andrew Benjamin (Poley), and James and Rupert. They moved to Arkansas later to work in the coal mines and logging. John Murphy is the son of James Morphew/Murphy who married Virginia Medaris and they also had 3 sons (one being John) who were born in Tennessee before they moved to Pope County Arkansas and had some property. Both James and Virginia have a lot of family ties in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Their families also kin-tie to the Daniel Boone family. Virginia is a gggranddaughter to Israel Boone, brother to Daniel Boone. The curios part is that within those families, I find the Holland and Chambers name. I just can't find an AJ (don't know what the letters stand for) or Mary Holland. I don't have a middle name for her. I realize that Polly is sometimes the nickname for Mary in Southern tradition. I can't find her as Polly either. I remember a picture of Mary when she was elderly as a tiny little lady.  Merica, was short and rotund with red curly hair. I have no idea what her sisters looked like.  If you have information that might connect to this information, please respond to: MotherMurphy@HotMail.com  Thanks, Polly Murphy
Nancy Holland My gggrandmother was Nancy Holland, born 8 Sept. 1802 in VA, but I believe her parents were moving from NC,possibly Lincoln Co. to southern Indiana. The only info I have on her background is that her Grandfather was Andrew Baldasser,(Boldorser and other similar spellings). Andrew appears in the 1790 census living in Morgan Dist. Lincoln Co. NC.  It would seem that one of his daughters married a Holland  presumably in this county. In the same census I find a Julius Holland and an Isaac Holland. I would appreciate any help in learning of what Holland line  Nancy descends. Many thanks...Don Poindexter   dtpoin@overland.net     15 January 1999
Katherine (Kate) Holland I am looking for information on Katherine (Kate) Holland born in Penna. dates unknown....... married Daniel Fox, children: Thomas, John, Michael (my grandfather) and heard there were two or three daughters..not sure of the names. Possibly resided in the NJ area.  Any information please contact:  Marianne Hitchcock at Marefl@aol.com    14 January 1999
Bartholomew HOLLAND Am searching for any information about my ggrandfather - Bartholomew (Barney) HOLLAND.  He may have been born in Cork, abt 1820.  He came to Canada in 1846, living in Shipton/Danville, PQ for the rest of his life. Bartholomew m. Mary Bridget BROPHY, not sure whether in Ireland or Quebec. Mary Bridget was possibly born in Dublin. Her father's name was John, who also lived with them in his later years. 
SER    "Sister Emmanuel Riel, S.A." <eriel@bc.sympatico.ca>    6 January 1999 
'Ambers' Newton 
Hello.  I'm seeking any information or clues about Amberson/Amberry 'Ambers' Newton HOLLAND, b. Oct 1857 in Kentucky, married Clarendia _____, b. Mar 1861 in Kentucky. They married in about 1876.  His parents both born in Kentucky.  Her parents both born in Kentucky.   They had 9 children born, four children that were living in 1900: 
1. Nancy E. HOLLAND 
2. Florence Jane 'Janie' HOLLAND m. Elijah Tecumseh BARBER. 
3. Arlie HOLLAND b. Jun 1890 in Arkansas. 
4. Alice HOLLAND b. Jun 1899 in Arkansas. 
This family is found in the 1900 Madison County, Arkansas Census in Boston Township, household #153 where he is listed as Amberson M in the original handwritten census and Amberry M. in a typewritten transcribed copy. Family information says that his wife's name was Rachel.  Was there another marriage?  Or was this the same lady, using her middle name or???  I'm open for any ideas, pointers, Kentucky counties to look in, whatever anyone can suggest.  These are my great-grandparents, as I'm a grand-daughter of Florence Jane 'Janie' HOLLAND & Elijah Tecumseh BARBER who lived in Keota, Haskell County, Oklahoma.  Please feel free to forward or copy this query to anyone/anywhere who might be interested.  Thank you - Kristi D. (LAKE) GROSS, 1228 North Vandalia Avenue, Tulsa, OK  74115  eagled7@webzone.net 
P.S. I maintain a large WOFFORD database of 13,450 names!!  if I can give any help on your WOFFORD lines, give a shout!    Kristi D. (Lake) Gross      eagled7@webzone.net
20 December 1998 and 31 May 1998 
Seeking information on a couple, Oscar HOLLAND who married Zora Belle WOFFORD, daughter of Curtiss B. WOFFORD & _____ CAUDLE.  I'd welcome information on their descendants and parentage, vitals dates, marriage date, etc., as all we can find is that they did marry.  I have a listing of Zora Belle's siblings if that will help identify them.  Who was Oscar HOLLAND, where did they live?  Thanks -  Kristi D. (LAKE) GROSS, 1228 North Vandalia Avenue,  Tulsa, OK  74115  WOFFORD Family Database, 13,450 plus & growing daily - need help with your WOFFORD families, just ask.   Kristi D. (Lake) Gross      eagled7@webzone.net 20 December 1998 and 31 May 1998 
Elizabeth Holland I am researching the Holland-Babb marriage in Tennessee.  I believe Burwell (Burrell) Babb married Elizabeth Holland, daughter of James Holland.  Pleasant Babb, a son of Elizabeth and Burwell, was the Administrator of Elizabeth's estate Nov 17, 1875.  Pleasant was born 1819.  They had land along the Red River in Robertson County.  Members of the family live there today.
Kathy Weaver <jashysa@ibm.net>
Am trying to find anything on Needham Holland. He is the father of John Britton Holland who was born 1864 in Clinton, MO and married to AlexAnna Scott born 1862 in Daingerfield, Johnson Co., TX.  (maybe a second marriage)  According to John Britton Holland's funeral book, his father was Needham Holland.  I have searched Missouri and Texas records and can't seem to locate anything on him.  Any assistance would be appreciated. 
Nancy Krevis <nakrevis@neto.com>      10 December 1998 
Trying to trace background of MARIA HOLLAND who married Timothy C. Everts, possibly  in Union Co., Indiana in May, 1826.  She and her husband were living in Napa Valley, Napa Co., California by around 1850.   He died there in 1865, she died there in 1882.  I have found one source which suggests she was born in Amherst, Mass. on 3/26/1800 to Major Jonas Holland and wife Hannah.  Any info on her or Timothy would be much appreciated. 
Ann Johnson  annjohnson@earthlink.net     7 December 1998 
William Thomas Holland My Greatgrand Father, William Thomas Holland was born in Pickens Co. AL.  It is said that his folkes came from the Carolinas.  His parents died early in his life and he was raised by an Uncle.  Don't know if he was raised by a Holland or not, but it is fairly certain that he stayed near Pickens Co. durning his rearing. Because he enlisted to fight in the Mexican War from that Yorkville, Pickens County, AL. Enlisting on April 1, 1848 to the second reg. MS Vol.   He was released  July 20 1848 in New Orleans LA.  He then fell off the earth till he married Sarah Jane Davis in Fayett Co. AL in 1857.  They remained in Fayette Co. AL untill they and their family moved to Marion Station, Lauderdale Co. MS in 1871.  After this point I can Provide much information and many connected families.  Volna Harriet Holland McAlister vhmcalister@dynasty.net     1 December 1998
Squire Holland Does anyone have information on Squire Holland? He was born about 1800-1810 in Alabama & married Rhoda Ridge dau. of Thomas Ridge & Elizabeth Belcher. They had 9 children:  William Davis(my line), Preston, Margaret, Biddy, Elizabeth Jane, George Washington, Francis M., Thomas J., Alexander. William Davis was born in Jackson County, AL & married Martha J. HARRIS, dau of Jessee HARRIS & Elizabeth ANDERSON in 1851, by 1860 they had moved to Marion County, TN & about 1870 moved to Dent  County, MO where William died in 1880.  Would appreciate any leads to Squire's parents or siblings. Was Squire a name or nickname?
Vernetta Nelson     v.b.nelson@ourtownusa.net      23 November 1998
william leslie holland my last posting was not very accurate.  since then i have learned some new info.  my grandfathers name was not wesley, but william leslie holland, born sept 5 1898.died dec.3 1939.  his father's name was george w  holland.  his mom's name was caroline ausley from sc.  george was also born in indiana.  my granddad may have been married twice.  somewhere i heard that he had a son named earl,and he was my moms half brother.  hope this leads somewhere.    sandy      Sruth10671@aol.com
15 November 1998
Henry Holland Henry Holland probably came to IN around 1825 and settled in Fayette County IN.  He is buried there.  Died in 1859.  One son William Henry   1836-1914 born in IN,  moved to Ky and was in the 1880 census there, then he moved to Andrew County MO and died there. 
Melrose Trump       ntrump@juno.com       12 November 1998
Jordan Holland I am a Holland also. Named David B. Born in Murray, Ky.. My folks came into West Kentucky in the early 1800's from the North Carolina/Virginia border region, it is thought. The 'link back east ' has been looked into by my retired uncle living in Nashville. He is David K. Holland (Col USA Ret). The records seem to have been destroyed in a court house fire. We are looking for records on Jordan Holland.

There are a lot of Hollands buried in the Fulton County Cemetary in Hickman Ky. Also a George Washington Holland is on the list of Confederate soilders, in the Columbus Belmont museum, in Columbus Ky. He was my great-grandfathers older half-brother. Another half-brother was in a Tennessee calvary unit (Cheathams). David B. Holland      hollfam@aol.com     9 November 1998 

Samuel William Holland  We are researching Samuel William HOLLAND b. about 1834 in England, married Harriet Schram in Ontario Canada, moved to Grand Traverse County in Michigan where he died before January 21, 1892.  He is listed on one census as William Holland, and on his marriage record as William. 
Bill & Nancy Holland     William Holland <sequoia@freeway.net>
5 November 1998 
William Washington Holland Looking for information on William Washington Holland b. abt 1810. He came to Louisiana abt 1830 from Columbia, TN.  He had 3 sons, Robert Peter, James Wesley, and William Washington, Jr.  In a copy of an old letter I have it says his mother was a Boone, a descendant of Daniel Boone.  This is not proven.  I can't find his parents.  I would GREATLY appreciate any info.
Tonya Salter   RT 3 Box 64-A, Jonesville, LA 71343. 
Tonya Salter       EvnNMatMom@aol.com           4 November 1998 
William Henry Holland I have a great-grandmother with the Holland name.  My list goes as follows: William Henry Holland married Viola Hughes.  They had 1 daughter, Cora Etta Holland, b. 30Jan1882 d. 14Jun1948.  Cora Etta Holland married Frank Charlie MacDonald, b. 8Jul1882 d. 6Jan1907.  They had at least 1 son named Carl John McDonald.  (There is a note in family history that Carl joined the military at age 16 using a brother or cousins name.)  Note: Charlie died young and we lost most of family history here.  Carl John Mcdonald married Elsie Fay Abel, b. 1Dec1901 on 29Jan1936 Denver, Colorado.  They had 1 son, Marvin Scott McDonald, Sr. (My dad), b8Jun1937 in Topeka, Kansas.  Marvin Scott McDonald Sr. married Doris Bixler, b. 20Nov1937 Clinton, OK on 2Dec1956 at Topeka Ks.  They had 4 children, Marvin Scott McDonald, Jr, Larry Eugene McDonald, William Leroy McDonald, and Bonita Christine McDonald (Arnold).

I have been looking for information on William Henry Holland and have found a possible lead to John Holland and Nancy Austin on another Internet chart.  Looking for verification to this next link. 
Marvin Scott McDonald, Jr.      MMcdona484@aol.com     26 October 1998 

Joseph Sheffield Holland I'm trying to find information on Joseph Sheffield Holland who was born in Lunenburg, Arkansas in 1875.  He later moved to Texas.  His father was William Holland.  Can anyone help?
Please Email.             WTBDAP@AOL.COM               20 October 1998 
William D. Holland I am trying to get started on my Holland family tree  in Brooklyn, NY and Hamden, CT.  Father William D. was born in Hamden Ct in 1886.  Parents Daniel  Mother Margaret Fennelon Holland. William Died Mar 26, 1939 In Brooklyn.  His wife was Mary McKeever Holland. They had four children, Mary, Elizabeth, Ellen and James. 
James J Holland     hollandj@roanoke.infi.net        20 October 1998
Edna Corrine (or Maxine) Holland Hello -  I'm looking for leads on how to trace my Dad's mother's family back in time.  Her name was Edna (middle name either Corrine or Maxine) Holland, born in Darien, Georgia on Aug. 13, 1898.  Her father's name was George Holland (middle initial A. or H.), who was probably born in Darien, GA, too.  He had children by the names of Joe, Lillian, Edna, Ed, Hubert, and George.  Edna married Wilson Perry Cash on March 24, 1917 in Princeton, Florida.  Later she divorced and was re-married to a Robert Kimball.  She died in April of 1972 in Coral Gables, Florida and was buried in Naranja, Florida.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance, Chris Cash - Seattle, WA  "Chris Cash" <ccash@u.washington.edu>   15 October 1998 
James, Henry, and William Holland Looking for three elusive HOLLAND brothers with sadly common first names.  All three born in England.  James b. abt.1840, Henry abt. 1845 and William abt. 1850.  James settled in Indiana. Henry went first to Indiana, then to the Caribbean and was never heard from again.  William HOLLAND ran away from "master" (he was a "bound man" or apprentice in England.  William m. Anna NICHOLSON in Indiana.  They had a daughter, Florence Letty HOLLAND b. 12-3-1870 in Indiana.  William was also drummer boy to a Lieutenant in the Civil War. Boys' father in England was a bone china manufacturer who sold china to the Royal family.  William was presented to Queen Victoria at abt age 6. Anybody from James' or Henry's family out there? 
Karen Pritchett       mkpsb@pacbell.net          14 October 1998 
James Bennett HOLLAND I am searching for my husband's ancestors.  His ggrandfather was James Bennett HOLLAND, born in Benton Co., Tennessee.  His father, James Madison HOLLAND was born in 1836 in Tennessee.  We don't know who James Madison HOLLAND's parents were, or where they came from.  If anyone has any information regarding the HOLLAND's in Tennessee, I would be very grateful.  Debbie Holder Holland     DebbieHOLLAND@prodigy.net    12 October 1998 
James and Thomas Holland I am looking for information on the Holland's of Onslow and Carteret County NC.  I am looking for the Parents of James and Thomas Holland.  They owned property in Swansborough in the 1820's.  James Holland married a Sarah (?).   Their children were Thomas B., James David, John A., and Houston R. Thomas B. b Sept 25, 1814 is my gggggrandfather.  I have most of the information from there.  If any of your Holland researchers have info on this James Holland and Sarah's maiden names it would be wonderful. 
Julie-Anne Holland Cobb     jjacobb@frontiernet.net         11 October 1998 
Elizabeth HOLLAND I'm researching Elizabeth HOLLAND who married John WELLS of Kentucky.  Elizabeth had a sister Lavinia HOLLAND who married James WELLS, brother of John.  Would like to contact any relatives of these HOLLAND sisters.    Lou Miles       lmiles@aros.net         11 October 1998 
Samuel Asbary Holland Hello, I am looking for any info on Samuel Asbary Holland.  He was born in 1813, but I don't know where.  He married Rebecca Shinn in 1833 in Ohio, and died in Ohio in 1872.  They had 10 children, all born in Ohio.  Any info regarding Samuels parents and/or siblings will be greatly appreciated.  Linda Miller     lfmiller@tisd.net          1 October 1998 
Amelia Holland HOLLAND, Amelia, born April 1850 in Ohio.  Married James B. Berry 25 August 1868 and lived in Hamilton, Butler, Ohio until his death in 1898.  She went to live with married daughter in Washington, D.C.  Children:  Sarah/Sadie Elizabeth, Lewis P., Gilbert, Thomas, Fannie N., James B., Jr., Aimee, George H., and John.  Search for birth or marriage in Butler County has been negative; no death record in D.C.  Karol McKenzie    "Karol McKenzie" <Karol.McKenzie@gte.net>      29 September 1998 
Harphrey Holland Looking for any info/descendants of Harphrey Holland and wife, Eliza Unity Wise, both born in 1813, according to headstone.  Harphrey died 8 April 1893 and is buried in the Zion cemetery in what is now Stilwell, Adair Co., Oklahoma.  Children are: Sarah Louretta, John W., Martha Jane, Benjamin G., Celia C., Mary Lou, Eliza A., Harphrey A., Alfred Estes (my line), and James N.  My Alfred Estes was born 15 May 1854 in Cherokee Co, N.C., but was raised in Tennessee.  Anyone out there, please email!  Thanks.   "marsha" <marsha@oknet1.net>      24 September 1998 
Archibald Holland I am researching Archibald Holland who married Lucy Ann Nancy Baxter of Fish Creek, Georgia  (Polk County).  He had a brother named Frank who married Martha buried in Anniston, Ala.  I would appreciate any information you can share.  Thank you. Diane Dedmon  tdedmon@alltel.net       22 September 1998 
Gertrude Alice Holland I'm looking for any relatives of my great-grandmother, Gertrude Alice HOLLAND b- @ 1865 in ILL?.  My grandmother says she was born in Decatur, ILL; I do have a photo of her @ 1874 taken in Clinton, ILL.  She married Michael Thomas FINNAN July 22, 1885 in McLean Cty, ILL.  They had two children:  Henry Earl "Harry" and Florence Gertrude HOLLAND.  They were divorced and her second husband was a Dr. S?.  Would appreciate any information anyone might have on this HOLLAND.  Please e-mail me: mrf9897@bellsouth.net    Michele R. Felsenthal   don felsenthal <mrf9897@bellsouth.net>     3 September 1998 
Winny and William Holland I am trying to find out any information about Winny and William Holland.  They were living in Dallas County, Alabama in the 1830 - 1850's.  I found an estate notice in Dallas County in 1855 that listed Winny as William's spouse and W.T. and Elizabeth Holland as heirs.  Doea anybody know any  information about this couple.  The 1840 census listed Winny's birth state as South Car.  I am trying to confirm that this W.T. Holland is my ggrandfather. 
Buddy Holland      <buddy@mail.gabc.org>      2 September 1998
Abijah Holland Seeking any info on Abijah Holland ; married to Jane.        sbortner@kent.edu      25 August 1998 
James Holland Seeking info on  who married Nancy 'Nannie' RAPER, dau. of Jesse RAPER and Mary 'Polly' McDANIEL.  Who were James' parents?  This family located in the Cherokee Nation. 
Pleasant HOLLAND, Ruth Caroline HOLLAND, Martha HOLLAND, John Wesley HOLLAND, Jesse HOLLAND, Jr., Louisa HOLLAND, Nancy Jane HOLLAND, James Lafayette HOLLAND, William Grant HOLLAND, Henry Sherman HOLLAND, Richard Spencer HOLLAND, Dora Belle HOLLAND.
Descendants or Ancestors, clues?  Thanks. 
Kristi Dawn (LAKE) GROSS, 1228 North Vandalia Avenue, Tulsa, OK  74115   eagled7@webzone.net       10 August 1998 
Ollin Holland I am searching for any information on the ancestry or siblings of Ollin Holland, particulary if there is a link to the Sassers.  Ollin was born about 1854 and lived in northern Wayne County, NC.  I have determined that Ollin was a son of John and Jane S. Holland (1870 Wayne Census).  Perhaps the "S" means Ollin's mother was a Sasser!  But that has yet to be established. His children included Ben, Lewis, Charlie, Henrietta, Melissa, Mary, and Patience.  A descendant of his tells me his wife was named Ruth, though the 1880 census has her name as Phoebe.  My grandfather, William M. Sasser, born May 31, 1876, was an orphan and was raised by Ollin Holland.  Because there were a number of marriages in Wayne County between Hollands and Sassers, I am hoping it was a family connection that motivated Ollin to take in and raise my grandfather.  Though my grandfather did name his real parents--Frank and Mary A. Bunn Sasser--on his 1900 marriage certificate, claiming they were both deceased, I have been unable to confirm that parentage.  There was a couple named Frank and Mary Sasser in Wayne County of a suitable age to be William's parents, and this Mary died in 1882 when my grandfather was six years old.  Her name, however, was not Bunn, but Mary N. Smith.  Also, her husband, Daniel Frank Sasser, remarried and lived to the age of 93, dying in 1948. 
Ray Sasser   "Ray Sasser" <raysasser@telpage.net>         10 August 1998 
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