I Elisha Holland of Wayne County State of North Carolina being of sound mind do make and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following:

1st I lend to my wife Polly M. Holland during her natural life time or widowhood the following real estate viz: a part of the track of land conveyed to me by Wright Blow by deed recorded in said county in Liber P.P. No 41 page 324 lying on the east side of the county road leading from Kenly to Goldsboro in said county and bounded as follows.

Beginning in my line where it crosses the road and then nearly south as the road runs to a ditch between the cross roads and Nahannta Swamp then east as the ditch runs to my back line on east side then with said line as plot shows to the beginning being all of that part of the land I bought of Wright Blow with all the rights and privileges belonging there to during her lifetime or widowhood.

I also give to my said wife Polly M. Holland absolutely 2 beds and furniture 1 choice horse 1 cow & calf a years provisions 1 sow & pigs farming tools sufficient for a one house crop 1 cont. corn & fodder for 1 house one set plow harness 2 choice chest 8 chairs stove and fixtures crockery enough to keep house all the poultry weeding hoes and other farming tools sufficient to make a one house crop all the fine wood that may be about the house 2 tables carts & wheel one land stand and one old fashion pot.

2nd I give and devise to my grandson James B. Holland and his hirs in full all the land lying on the east side of the county road running from Goldsboro to Kenly. Beginning at a stake on the road N.G. Holland line then his line as it runs to Nahunta Swamp then up the swamp my line to said county road then with said road to the beginning except that part of the land devised to my said wife for her dower her lifetime or widowhood and the said James B. Holland shall build a cross-fence on the line between him and Polly M. Holland and keep up the same.

3rd I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Holland all the land lying on the west side of the Goldsboro road beginning at a light wood in my line J. H. Barnes & N.G. Hollands corner running with the road nearly North up to a stump hole thence nearly west to a black gum in the run of Dam Branch then down the same with the run to Nahunta Swamp then to a little water oak then a strate line to the beginning provided the said Thos Holland pay my wife Polly forty dollars.

4th I lend to my Grandson Willis Holland his lifetime and then to his heirs a track of land lying in Wayne County bounded as follows:
Beginning at a stump hole then running strate with Thomas Hollands line to a black gum stump in dam branch and then with the county line to the Overman track of land where Elisha Holland then south to the corner of the Overman land then west back to the Goldsboro road then the road to the beginning.

5. The Isaac Peacock land lying in Johnston County I order to be sold at the highest bidder giving twelve month credit with security.

6. The residue of my estate after my just debts and all expenses are paid if any over I devise that the same be divided between my son Thomas Holland and my said wife Polly M. Holland I hereby nominate and appoint Exum H. Holland as my executor to this my last will and testament to execute the same according to it's true intents and meaning. This 22nd day of February 1901.


                                                                    Elisha Holland    seal



Signed sealed published and displayed by the said Elisha Holland to be his last will and testament in the presents of us who of his request and in his presents subscribed our names as witnesses thereto

Albert Aycock

Joe Holland

Darren Niven's contribution of this will is gratefully appreciated.

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