In the Name of God amen.  I Elisha Holland, being ----- affected in body but of a perfect mind and memory, blessed be the almighty god for the same but Calling to mind the uncertainty of this life and knowing that it is once appointed for all flesh to die do make and publish this to be my last will in name(?) and form as follows, that is to say

Item I give and bequeath unto Enos Holland one dollar and my greatcoat and best hat if he comes after it for ever.

Item  I give unto my son Ely Holland my desk and one case of bottells to him and his heirs for Ever.

Item  I give and bequeath unto my son Woodard Holland my land beginning at the corner in the great Swamp and runs up the said swamp to the mouth of the big marsh (?) and then up the Run of the marsh -- a line to be maid East that will joine the fince between me and Woodard and the with his fence North to the begining the line is to joine his fence in the branch that his fince goes through to him and his heirs for Ever.  The line shall go from the Swamp to the Rode by the spring and then the rode to his line and then my line North to the great Swamp.

Item  I give and bequeath unto my son Absalom Holland one dollar and lends the land whereon he now lives to him his lifetime and then I give the ballance of the land that was my brother Absalom Holland's .... his children (?) only what I have given to Woodard Holland and gives to Absalom Holland's children after my wife's death or widdohood a piece of land about twenty seven acres where the old meeting house stood I lends to my wife Pasha Holland the mill .... her life time or widdo hood and tember to keep it up.

Item  I give and bequeath unto my son Bryant Holland my negro .... my big still and my Negro Jacob to him and his heirs for Ever.

Item  I gives my son Curtis Holland one dollar and leaves my Negro .... to be hiered out his lifetime and then the negro if living to belong to Curtises children Curtis Holland to pay the negro's Expenses and have his Earnings Every year.

Item  I give unto Jesse Holland one dollar and my negro Sealy to Jesse Hollands wife Betsy Holland and all the increase she Ever has.

Item  I lends my negro Jack to my son Elisha Holland and the lands about won hundred and fifty acres to him his life time and then gives the land and Negro ... lands to his Children for Ever.

I give unto my son Warren Holland my Negro by the name of Henry and lends my land to him South of the lands from Elisha Hollands to Tobias along the path that was the lands that was once the property of John Holland and Samuell Davis for him to live there on his mothers lifetime and then it is to be his one lands.

Item  I give to Majer Copland one dollar and lends to him my daughters lifetime Avey Copland and then the lands I baught of Jethro Deans and others that one part of the ... North of the path leading from Elisha Hollands and Tobias Joneses I give to my daughters Children for Ever that is to say, to Avey Coplands children for Ever.

Item  I give unto my son Axum Holland my Negro Lige, my small still, my Chestnut horse Creature, one Cow and Calf to him for ever.

Item  I give unto my son Gennet Holland my Negro Dannell, my small Colt to him and his heirs for Ever and one good feather bead and furniture.

Item  I give unto my daughter Gensey Holland my Negro Isaac and a small chist and a good feather bead and furniture to her and her heirs for Ever. My wife may keep the negro Isaac three years to work for her or until my daughter Ginsey is married or two years from the riting of this will by the Cleark of Court.

Item  I give my wife Pasha Ho!and liberty to give my Children goten by her a feather bead when she sees a necesity of doing the same.

Item  I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife Pasha Holland my Negro Temp, one horse bridle and two ... feather beads one chest to her and her heirs for Ever.

In the first place all my property lands and tenements money, Negros and all my property not otherwise given or conveyed away or .... four children West Holland and Green Holland Candis and Needom Holland first giving my dearly beloved wife Pasha Holland the liberty of living on the property which is Entended for my four last children her life time or widowhood upon this writing.

I maid adition to the lands above to Woodard Holland to ... from the mouth of the marsh to the rode and then with my fence to the line between me and Woodard Holland to the great Swamp and through (?) the swamp to the beginning to Woodard Holland and his heirs for Ever.

I leave my dear friend Jacob Hooks and my dearly beloved wife Pasha Holland to be Each of them left to be my Hole and Soul Executors to Settle my Estate leaving them to do all and every thing to this my last will and testament.

April the 3rd day 1833
                                               Elisha Holland

Tobias Jones
Joshua Jones

Jim Allen's contribution of this will is gratefully appreciated.

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