The questions the claimant Exum Holland is answering on this page are the following:

  1. Did you ever do anything for the Union cause, or its advocates or defenders?  If so, state what you did, giving times, places, names of persons aided, and particulars.  Were the persons aided your relations?

  2. Had you any near relatives in the Union army or navy?  If so, in what company and regiment, or on what vessel, when and where did each on enter service, and when and how did he leave service?  If he was a son, produce his discharge paper, in order that its contents may be noted in this deposition, or state why it cannot be produced.

  3. Were you in the service or employment of the United States Government at any time during the war?  If so, in what service, when, where, for how long, under what officers, and when and how did you leave such service or employment?

  4. Did you ever voluntarily contribute money, property, or services to the Union cause; and if so, when, where, to whom, and what did you contribute?

  5. Which side did you take while the insurgent States were seceding from the Union in 1860 and 1861, and what did you do to show on which side you stood?

  6. Did you adhere to the Union cause after the States had passed into rebellion, or did you go with your State?

  7. What were your feelings concerning the battle of Bull Run or Manassas, the capture of New Orleans, the fall of Vicksburg, and the final surrender of the Confederate forces?

  8. What favors, privileges, or protections were ever granted you in recognition of your loyalty during the war, and when and by whom granted?

  9. Have you ever taken the so-called "iron-clad oath" since the war, and when and on what occasions?

  10. Who were the leading and best known Unionists of your vicinity during the war?  Are any of them called to testify to your loyalty; and if not, why not?

  11. Were you ever threatened with damage or injury to your person, family, or property on account of your Union sentiments, or were you actually molested or injured on account of your Union sentiments?  If so, when, where, by whom, and in what particular way were you injured or threatened with injury?

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The information was obtained from the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.

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