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Charney Adams to Nancy Holland on 3 June 1867 Page 1 
Parents of Groom: Senie Adams and Suckey Adams 
Parents of Bride: Unnamed and Unnamed 
Place of Marriage: Nancy Holland 
Married by: West Holland, J. P.

This is Nancy Hales, widow of Absalom Holland (son of Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins) and mother of Burdin, Rufus, Simon, etc.  Her husband Absalom died in 1863.  Her mother was Zilphia Waddell, father was 1st-name-unknown Hales.  There is a story about her in the Stories section of this web site.  View image of marriage record

William Holland to Rena Wiggs on 15 August 1867 Page 1 
Parents of Groom: Absolum Holland and Nancy Holland 
Parents of Bride: Thomas A. Deans and Patience Deans 
Place of Marriage: T. A. Deans 
Married by: J. C. Rhodes, J. P.

E. G. Holland to Rena Wiggs on Not Listed Page l 
Parents of Groom: Exum Holland and Penninah Holland 
Parents of Bride: Will Hill and Mariah Hill 
Place of Marriage: Not Given 
Married by: Unknown.

It is noted that the Wayne County marriage register had E. G. Holland marrying Rena Wiggs. It also has William Holland marrying Rena Wiggs, an obvious error. In the William Holland entry, the bride's parents are Thomas A. Deans and Patience Deans. We know that William W. Holland, son of Absalom Holland and Nancy Hales, married Roena Deans so this entry seems to be somewhat correct. Roena Deans could have married a Wiggs first. 

As for the E. G. Holland entry, this is Elisha G. Holland, son of Exum Holland and Penny Boswell. The Wayne County marriage register has the bride's parents as Will Hill and Mariah Hill. We believe Elisha was married to a Sarah Hill so these parents would substantiate that marriage but it is unexplainable why the bride is listed as Rena Wiggs. If anybody can shed any light on this situation or add to these records, please get in touch.  

A. G. Holland to Smithy Bryant on 19 November 1867 Page 2 
Parents of Groom: Elisha Holland and Patience Holland 
Place of Marriage: B. G. Barnes 
Married by: B. G. Barnes, J. P.

This could be the record for Needham Gray Holland, son of West Holland and Sally Grice who did marry Smithy Bryant.  There is also an Alson G. Holland, son of Eson Holland and Elizabeth Hicks, who was born in Georgia in 1850, making him a reasonable age for a marriage in 1867, but we have him marrying Saphrona Kelly in Georgia, so he is less likely the person of this marriage record. 

Enos Holland to Zilpha Garris on 6 March 1869 Page 10 
Parents of Groom: Curtis Holland and Nancy Holland 
Parents of Bride: Bryan H. Pate and Zilphia Holland 
Place of Marriage: Enos Holland 
Married by: Elisha Holland, J. P.

Zilpha Pate was first married to John Wesley Garris.

A. T. Holland to Bett Franklin on 3 March 1870 Page 15 
Parents of Groom: Exsim Holland and Penina Holland 
Parents of Bride: Calvin Franklin and Cela Franklin 
Place of Marriage: Baptist Church 
Married by: G.W. Sanderlin, M. G.

Assuming this is the son of Exum Holland and Penniah Boswell Holland, the groom would be Addison Pearson Holland who married Belle Franklin.  

Willie Holland to Nancy Ann Gurley on 20 February 1870 Page 15
Parents of Groom: Thomas Holland and Keziah Holland 
Parents of Bride: D. Gurley and Martha Gurley 
Married by: E. Holland, J.P.

This would be Willis Holland, son of Thomas Holland and his wife Keziah.  

Lewis Henry Price, Jr. to Mary Catherine Holland on 18 December 1870 Page 19
Parents of Groom: John C. Price and Nancy H. Price 
Parents of Bride: John Lewis Holland (son of Joseph and Penelope Holland) and Leticia Holland 
Place of Marriage: J. S. Holland 
Married by: John A. Kornegay, J. P.
Additional information:  John Lewis Holland, father of eight, was murdered by Malpass brothers225

Richard Holland to Thaney Barnes on 22 January 1871 Page 20 
Parents of Groom: A. Holland and Nancy Holland 
Parents of Bride: J. G. Barnes and Patsey Barnes 
Place of Marriage: Jessy Ranor 
Married by: Daniel Davis, M. G.

This would be Richard W. Holland, son of Absalom Holland and Nancy Hales, marrying Bethany Barnes. 

John Warrick to Bobby Holland on 12 November 1871 Page 25 
Parents of Groom: Hillery Warrick and Unnamed 
Married by: C. J. McCullen, J.P.

If anybody knows who these are, please get in touch.  

King Holland to Martha Batting on 18 January 1872 Page 27 
Parents of Groom: Mack Holland and Martha Holland 
Parents of Bride: Unnamed and Caroline Batting 
Married by: R. H. Holland, J. P. 

If anybody knows who this R. H. Holland, J. P. is, please get in touch.  He married several people on this list. 

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