On the question of who Woodard D. Holland (son of Woodard, son of Elisha, son of Jimmie) married, early Holland researchers' information on Woodard D. Holland's wife refer to her as follow:

1.  Nellie Holland Russell in Genealogy of Some Descendants of James (Jimmie) Holland of Wayne Co., N.C., p. 16, in her only reference to Woodard D.'s wife, writes: "Child. of W. D. Holland & Rhoda Holland," mistakenly, presumably, using Rhoda's married name, perhaps in the absence of knowledge of her given or maiden name.    

2.  Mary Ketus Deen Holland, in her work compiling Nellie's work into her own, struck out "Holland" on a copy of Nellie's page 16 and wrote in "Brown" by Rhoda's name. (Ketus passed her work on to me, including Nellie's work that was passed on to her.)  In her 1966 book, Our Heritage Volume II, Holland Genealogy, Ketus Holland writes on page 14 about Woodard D. Holland, Jr., "He married Rhoda Brown, b. 2/14/1832, died 9/23/1905, buried Holland Cemetery, Appling County, Georgia."

Later Holland researchers' (Darren Niven27, Nancy Holland Slagle46, Iris Hill Brown111) information on Woodard D. Holland's wife point to a Rhoda Johnson who was first married to Elijah Smith.

Rhoda Johnson's father was Burty Johnson, born August 1804, the illegitimate child of Honor Johnson of Johnston County, North Carolina, according to the minutes of the Johnston County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, dated 27 May 1816.  At about age 25, after being bound to serve an apprenticeship to Harbord Gilmon, a farmer, until he was 21, Burty Johnson married Edith Stancil, born in Johnston County around 1800.  Edith was widow of Carey Wilkinson, being previously married in Johnston County on 31 December 1819.   Edith and Carey Wilkinson, who died about 1823, in Johnston County, had one child, Polly Jane Wilkinson/Wilkins, born 6 November 1823.  Edith Stancil Wilkinson and Burty Johnson were married in Johnston County on 15 March 1828. 

Edith Stancil and Burty Johnson had seven children together:

Edith died 29 March 1846.  After her death, Rhoda's father Burty Johnson married Edith's sister Rhoda Stancil on 8 February 1847.  Rhoda Stancil was also a widow, being first married to a distant cousin Jessie Stancil on 10 December 1835 in Johnston County.  Burty and Rhoda Stancil had three children together:  Johathan Johnson (1848), Joshua Johnson (1850), and LuEazer Johnson (1855). 

This diagram helps to understand the linage of Woodard D. Holland's wife Rhoda Johnson, daughter of Edith Stancil and Burty Johnson. 

Also after Rhoda Johnson's mother Edith died, and her father married Rhoda Stancil, the three oldest children, at least, of Edith Stancil and Burty Johnson moved in with other families, probably to work.  I don't know where the 4 youngest children went at this time but they are not living with their father.  The following images from the 1850 Johnston County census show Edwin Johnson living next door to his father, in Robert Hatcher's home,

second child Haywood Johnson living near by (house 689) in John Hatcher's home,

and Rhoda Johnson,  the third oldest child, at age 17, living in the Lazarus Pearson home.


Burty Johnson died 19 October 1863. 

The next image is from the Johnston County marriage license list, showing a marriage license issued to Elijah Smith to marry Roda [sic] Johnson on 29 March 1854.  Bondsmen: Elijah Smith and James Hinnant.:

Marriage license for Woodard Holland and Rhoda Smith, January 1859, stating that the marriage took place at Absalom Holland's home and was performed by John D. Hodges (witness) and Benjamin Aycock.  

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These documents are courtesy of Darren Niven, Nancy Holland Slagle, and Iris Hill Brown, all of whose contributions are gratefully appreciated.
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