Holland Family Members By the Monument 

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The picture at the top of this page is of Olivia Holland and her brother Aldine Holland, both from Turkey, Sampson County, North Carolina.  It was provided to me by their first cousin once removed, Tommy Mull, who did not determined until later (April 2001) that he descends from this Holland line.

Dwight Mitchell of Simon Holland line at Jimmie and Ruth Holland memorial on NC 581 close to the Elisha Holland and Simon Holland cemeteries.

Stephanie Holland is the 3rd great-granddaughter of Jimmie Holland.  She lives in Hobbs, New Mexico.  She visited the monument in May 2010, and was escorted around the area by Mr. Frank Hinnant.  She wrote:

The Jimmie & Ruthie Monument is directly across the road from where it was originally, according to what Frank said.  He pointed across the road and said that Jimmie's property was just a few hundred yards away.  Apparently, the farmer who plowed that area found the monument to be in his way, so it was moved directly across the road.  As to who moved it?  No one said.

Stephanie's line is:  Jimmie Holland | Jesse Holland | James Thomas Holland | James Steven Holland | Raymond Leroy Holland | Stephanie Holland



D. Frank Hinnant, Jr. is great-grandson of Absalom Holland and grandson of Rufus Henry Holland, C.S.A.   
He cared for the Elisha Holland Cemetery for many years.  He died at age 90.  R.I.P.
19 September 1920 - 10 December 2010

This picture was taken in May 2010 by Stephanie Holland of Hobbs, New Mexico, who visited the Holland sites in Wayne County, North Carolina, guided by Mr. Hinnant.



Linda Hales Duncan, great-great-granddaughter of Exum Holland, great-granddaughter of Calvin C. Holland and Sarah Jane Ballenberger.   

Diana Holland Faust, great-great-granddaughter of Exum Holland, great-granddaughter of Calvin C. Holland and Sarah Jane Ballenberger.

Nancy Mae Holland, great-great-granddaughter of Woodard D. Holland 
December 2001 


Timothy Darren Niven, 3rd-great-grandson of Woodard D. Holland 
December 2001 

Brenda Sue Ray, wife of Timothy Darren Niven 
December 2001


David Thomas Holland takes newest daughter to the monument  
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Holland, age 1, and Stephanie Rose Holland, 4.
  December 2002 

David Thomas Holland and daughter Stephanie Rose Holland
Dave is great-great-grandson of Green H. Holland,
great-grandson of Frank Holland  
December 1999 

Nancy Holland Slagle and Diana Holland Faust
Fourth cousins who met for the first time here in 
Wayne County, North Carolina in May 2002

2002 monument plan for Elisha Holland's family

Elisha Holland cemetery clean-up of 2001

Newspaper story about Elisha Holland cemetery

Holland monument

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