This monument to Jimmie and Ruthie Holland, early settlers of Wayne County, was erected by Nellie Holland Russell, the first researcher of the Jimmie Holland family.  It is located on North Carolina state route 581 east of Smithfield and about a mile north of the town of Pinkney, on the east side of the road.  Although Nellie claims on the marker that Jimmie and Ruthie were the first Hollands to settle in this country, we now know that there was a Holland family in Virginia for about 100 years before Jimmie and Ruthie came to the Colonies.

The monument was erected in 1964 and points to the graves of Jimmie Holland and his wife Jerutha White.  They were buried about 300 yards west of the marker on land settled by Jimmie Holland and passed on to Elisha.

The Elisha Holland cemetery is located about 300 yards southeast of the monument on the east side of North Carolina highway 581.

I have been told that the Elisha Holland land is now owned by one or several of the family of Francis Holland.  Frank Holland, the son of Green Holland, lived on the land until he died.  I would appreciate more information about this area.

The photograph was provided by Nancy Holland Slagle in 2002.


Pictures by the Jimmie Holland monument (send your pictures, folks!)

Olivia Holland and Aldine Holland
Dwight Mitchell from Absalom/Simon Holland's branch
Stephanie Holland of Hobbs, New Mexico from Jesse Holland's branch
David, Stephanie, and Kaitlyn Holland 2002
Linda Hales Duncan
Diana Holland Faust
Nancy Holland Slagle
Darren Niven and Brenda Ray Niven
David Thomas Holland and Stephanie
Diana Holland Faust and Nancy Holland Slagle

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