Enos' Branch
  Eli's Branch

Ancil M. Holland and Jesse Nelson Holland, brothers from Colquitt County, Georgia
Benjamin W. Holland home place in Colquitt County, Georgia
Benjamin Holland daughters - Colquitt County, Georgia
Marion D. Holland and Rosa West - Colquitt County
Wilborne Holland and Mary Jane Holland - Colquitt County, Georgia
J. B. Holland, son of Wilborne Holland - Colquitt County, Georgia

  Woodard's Branch
      Rural Anderson Holland (born 1827) line:
        Fannie Jazabel Woodard, wife of Perry H. Holland
        Miranda Mull and Brian Gillis' wedding 2009
        Richard Hodge Holland, Richard Turner Holland, Richard "Jim" Holland, Jr., Myrtle Bland, Jane Holland. 
        Joseph Aldine "Tom" Holland and Cora Smith Holland

        The six children of Richard Hodge Holland (son of Perry Holland)  
      Woodard D. Holland, Jr. line (born 1834):
        Ophelia Holland and husband Jess Harris Spell 
        Rural Minson Spell, wife Nancy Johnson, daughter Ovelia Spell
        Woodard D. Holland (born 1834, son of Woodard D. b. 1794) and Rhoda
        James Woodard Holland
        Addie Cornelia Holland (b. 1864) and family 
        Minnie Aycock (b. 1887), daughter of Addie Holland with Judge Mershon Tomberlin
        Raymond M. Turner, Jr. family 2008
        Richard Nathan Aycock (b. 1894) and Barden V. Aycock 
        George Ellis Holland (b. 1895) and daughter Edna Holland
        Frank Holland and Eliza Bratcher 
        Eli C. Holland, Melissa Johnson and Woodard Clinton Holland 
        Catherine 'Sid' Holland, daughter of Woodard Clinton Holland 
        Polly Ann Carter and Pearl Carter Holland of Appling County, GA 
        Nancy Mozell Purvis Holland
        The Frank Holland family 1984
        Nancy Mae Holland 2001
        James Francis Holland
        George Burney Holland and Duncan Holland Niven
       Elizabeth 'Bettie' Holland's Edgerton line: Fred Exum Edgerton
Jesse's Branch
Harold Christian Holland
Laura Alice Holland's family
Cynthia Frances Shaw

James Thomas Holland with sons P.T. and J. S.
Viola Smith Holland and 4 children of James Steven Holland
Descendents of James Steven Holland in 2006
James Steven Holland and wife Viola Elizabeth Smith
Viola Smith Holland in 1963 with all 8 children of James Steven Holland
Absalom's Branch
Elisha's Branch
Elisha II with wife Polly 1897
Odessa Radford, grandaughter of Fancy Ann Trendia Holland
Elisha II homeplace 1897
Charlie Holland and Rondal Holland - great-grandson and 2great-grandson of Elisha Holland
Warren's Branch
  Exum's Branch
Jinnett's Branch

Peoria Waddell, wife of Nathan B. Pike, and granddaughter of Amanda Holland
Lillie Mae Pike, daughter of Peoria and Nathan Pike
Levi Roland Collier married Amanda Holland's great-granddaughter, Lillie Mae Pike
Collier family

West's Branch
Green's Branch
      Joseph Brown Holland (born 1855) line:
      Alexander A. Holland  
      Francis Marion Holland (born 1863) line:
      The Frank Holland homeplace -- original Elisha Holland homeplace
      Guilford Holland
      Needham, Mary Rachel, Nathan, Guilford, and George Franklin Holland
      The David Thomas Holland family 
      Diana Holland  
      Sally Holland and William J. Dixon
      Betty, Lillian, Ellen, Zeno, Herman, William, Octavia, Bill Dixon
      Alice Dixon
      Zilphia Holland 


Needham's Branch

Needham Holland


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