Elisha Holland's grave 
(b. 3 November 1764 - d. 15 Sep 1833)
and the graves of his wives
Patience Watkins and Patience Peacock

Descendant of Elisha Holland, headed up by Mr. Frank Hinnant of Fremont, North Carolina, collected donations in 2002 to have a granite marker made to mark Elisha's grave.  (See the article about the Elisha Holland Cemetery Restoration project that is underway.)

The pine wood marker for Elisha's grave and those of his two wives that Nellie Holland Russell wrote about, were burned when a farmer was burn-clearing the land near the cemetery. Nellie wrote, 

My dad, who visited the cemetery and saw the wooden markers before they burned, made the following note in Nellie's typed genealogy:  "Headstones damaged by Hurricane Hazel 1954."  He left the following drawing with note, "hard pine lightwood pegs without any markings."   I can only guess about the pegs, but I am guessing that they marked specific graves, since Elisha's marker had three names on it:  Elisha Holland, Patience Watkins, and Patia Peacock.

All we have left today of those wooden markers are pictures that Mr. Hinnant took in 1960.  The main, engraved marker was in the shape of a cross. 

These pictures of the wooden marker of Elisha Holland's grave were taken in 1960
by Frank Hinnant.  The marker was later destroyed in a fire.

December 2002 

First picture of the new monument marking the graves of Elisha Holland and his wives Patience Watkins and Patience Peacock.  

The monument was erected through donations by their descendants in December 2002.  

Elisha Holland was the son of Jimmie Holland and Jerutha White.  He was buried on his farm in Wayne County, North Carolina.  This picture was taken and donated by his 4th great-grandson, David Thomas Holland of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December 2002. 

This photo shows the new Elisha Holland monument placed in the middle of the Elisha Holland Cemetery on North Carolina Highway 581 north of Pinkney, North Carolina.




Headstone for Elisha Holland's grave

Great grandsons of Confederate veterans gathered at the old Holland family cemetery, off Highway 581, when the new granite headstone was delivered Tuesday.  The headstone was for the patriarch of the cemetery, Elisha Holland, who was married twice and had 17 children.  Mr. Holland lived in what would become Wayne County from 1764 to his death in 1833.  His offspring went on to create many of the families that populate the region today.  

The headstone is 55 inches long by 19 inches wide and was paid for by members of the Holland family.  The cemetery was reclaimed from decades of neglect and overgrown brush by the Sons of the Confederacy unit in Fremont.  Present at the dedication of the headstone are (l to r) Allen Aycock, Rand Holland, Frank Hinnant, Ken Ellis, K. C. Gurley, and Cecil Holland.  The two Hollands, Mr. Hinnant and Mr. Aycock are direct descendents of Elisha Holland 

From the Fremont, North Carolina News-Leader 9 January 2003; NL photo by Feely





A dream is now a reality.  This monument to Elisha Holland was erected in December 2002.  A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to make this possible:

J. Wayne Stewart
Darren Niven
Michael Lifsey
Billy Holland
E. Wayne Stewart family
Bill (Willis?) Holland
Sonny Scott
Frank Hinnant
Nancy Holland Slagle
Linda Hales Duncan
Randy Pittman
Diana Holland Faust
Rand Holland
Brunswick, Georgia 
Garden City, Georgia
South Carolina
Wayne County, North Carolina
Four Oaks, North Carolina
Wayne County, North Carolina
Wayne County, North Carolina
Fremont, North Carolina
Bradenton, Florida
Greensboro, North Carolina
Pikeville, North Carolina
Huntsville, Alabama
Wayne County, North Carolina

The cemetery preservation does not stop here, however.  Plans are underway to erect a fence or barrier posts around the cemetery to protect it from large farm machinery.  If you would like to contribute to this next phase, contributions are being accepted by the same group.  See Monument Project Phase 2

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