West Holland's Branch

West Holland was the son of Elisha Holland and his second wife Patience (Pasha) Peacock.  He was Elisha's 14th child and Pasha's 6th child.
He was born 7 June 1820 in North Carolina, probably Wayne County.  He died 19 September 1903 in Chandler, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  

West Holland married Sally Grice, daughter of Crawford Grice and Edna Dow.  They lived in this house and had thirteen children, all born on the homeplace.  

West Holland home
Wayne County, North Carolina 

West Holland and Sally Grice's children were:

Cullen Green Holland, M. D., born 1845
Rita Ann Catherine Holland, born 1847
Needham Gray Holland, born 1847
Arthur Copeland Holland, born 1850
Martha Jane Holland, born 1852
Christopher Columbus Holland, born 1853
Alexander Wayne M. Holland, born 1855
Lieugenyer Holland  born 1857
William Gaston Holland, born 1859
Ransome Beauregard Holland, born 1861
Jence Cornelia Holland, born 1863
Edith Wise Holland, born 1856
West Bob Holland, born 1868


In 1869, West moved his family to Kansas by train.  Railroad fare cost $606. for a family of 15 and one stranger.  They settled near Hackney, Kansas, in 1871.    



Nellie Lydia Russell 2 March 1886 - 2 June 1967
daughter of Martha Jane Holland and Joseph Russell
granddaughter of West Holland, great-granddaughter of Elisha Holland and Patience Peacock
New York attorney and Holland family genealogist



The brick in the chimney was handmade from sandstone dug out of Little River when the water was low.

John Hinnant and Nellie Holland Russell, granddaughter of West Holland

D. Frank Hinnant, Nellie "Holland" Russell (first Jimmy Holland genealogist and author of Bonnie New World), Gladys Holland (daughter of Alexander A. Holland whose picture is in Green's Album), John Hinnant


The Elisha Holland home was on NC 581 near Pinkney.  It has been torn down.  Nellie Russell placed the Elisha Holland monument on NC 581 about 500 yards from where the home stood.   This picture was taken by Mr. D. Frank Hinnant in 1960.

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