Exum's Branch

I believe this photo was taken about 1897.  My interpretation of the notation on the back of this photograph:

Nellie Holland address in New York City

1.  Needham stands at the right with the white
whiskers.  Behind him is
2Cousin Catty, next him
without a hat is
3Pete, A. P.'s son; standing
with his hands in his pockets is George
4 son; Looking over his right
shoulder is A
5.P.  Next him and without a hat
6Cab. Directly behind him with
part of her face showing is Willy
7 Holland,
[next] her in the center of the door is Needham's 8 wife.
9 [unreadable]'s wife stands next to her.  The two girls 10&11
sitting down are A.P.'s and John 12Royal is between.
The Royal
13 baby is in front.

1.  Although there are several Needham Hollands in this family, I tend to think this is the 1st generation Needham Gray Holland, Elisha's 17th child, because the age seems to be right for when this photograph was taken. 

2.  Cousin Catty, I believe is Jinnet Caswell Holland, b. 1836; Exum Holland's 3rd child, called Catty and who would be Nellie Russell's, who wrote this, first cousin once removed. 

3.  Pete, A.P.'s son -- Addison Pearson Holland, Exum's 7th child, was called A.P. and he had a son also named Addison Pearson Holland, who was apparently called Pete.  Pete or Addison Pearson Holland, Jr. , born in 1872, would have been about 25 years old at the time of this photo.

4.  George Holland's son.  I don't know who this is.  The only George Holland who was old enough to have a son about 20 years old in 1897 was George W. Holland in Green's branch, b. 1853.  I don't know if he had a family.  I welcome any input anybody can offer.

5.  A.P. is Addison Pearson Holland, b. 1846. 

6.  Brother Cab is Addison Pearson Holland's brother Calvin Holland, b. 1848. 

7.  Willie Holland is probably Willie Grice, Simon Holland's wife.  It is difficult to distinguish between 6 and 7 in this photo, but I think #7 is standing in the front row, and #6 is behind her.

8.  Needham's wife -- I don't know who Needham Holland's wife was. 

9.  This probably said A.P.'s wife.

10 & 11.  Two girls are A.P.'s -- Bella Holland is the only daughter I know of; she was married by 1893 to John Royal.  An Alice J. Holland and Halle Jayne Holland are associated with A.P.'s family but I don't know the connection; perhaps they are younger children of A.P.

12.  John Royal - Bella Holland's husband and son-in-law to A.P. Holland.

13.  The Royal baby - probably Willie Spicer Royal, b. about 1896.

Elisha Holland - Exum Holland - Addison Pearson Holland and Calvin Holland

This picture was provided by Ruth Ann Feuquay Thomas of Fort Worth, Texas.  She is Elisha Holland II's great-great niece.177 

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