Exum's Branch


My interpretation of the notation on the back of this photograph:

Cab Holland's boy Cab Holland is Calvin Holland, Exum's last child by his 1st wife Penny Boswell.
Calvin Holland's boys were Louis G. Holland, b. 1877; West Pratt Holland, b. 1879; Joseph Walker Holland, b. 1883; David Holland, b. 1888 (omitting the last 3 who died very young).  Patrick Holland is not Calvin's son but Exum's son, b. 1857
Cousin Bella 1874-1901 Exum and Penny Boswell's next-to-last son was Addison Pearson Holland.  His first two children were Addison Pearson Holland and Bella Holland.  I believe "Cousin Bella" and "Cousin A. P. in the photo's notation refer to these two. 
Cousin A.P. 1872-1924 Bella's brother and 1st child of Addison Pearson Holland and Belle Franklin,  Addison Pearson Holland, Jr. 
Alice Royal Possibly Bella and A. P.'s sister Allie J. Holland.  I don't know if she married a Royal but she could have.  Another possibility is that she is a sister-in-law; Bella Holland ("Cousin Bella") married John Royall.
Bella  1847-1925 Addison Person Holland (father of Cousin A. P., and next-to-last son of Exum ) wife's name was Bella Franklin.  I believe this is she.


Addison Pearson Holland, Jr.
1872 - 1924
Son of Addison Pearson Holland who was son of Exum Holland


Elisha - Exum - Addison Pearson and Calvin

This picture was provided by Ruth Ann Feuquay Thomas of Fort Worth, Texas.  She is Elisha Holland II's great-great niece.177 

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