Exum's Branch
1st marriage with Penny Boswell

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Avery Ann Earp born 1871 - daughter of Exum Holland's second child
James Isaac Martin born 1974
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Jinnett Caswell Holland and wife Mary Worley - Exum Holland's third child
Jinnett Caswell Holland and his son Marion Gilbert Holland
Calvin Holland, Jinnett Caswell Holland, and Needham Holland
Addison Pearson Holland, Jr. with his sister Bella Holland and his wife Bella Franklin along with two pictures of Addison Holland, Jr. Addison Pearson Holland Jr. with sister Bella Holland and wife Bella Thomas Holland
Addison Pearson Holland family with Needham Holland, Calvin Holland,
Linda Katherine Hales family
Joan Elizabeth Hales born 1944 joanlarry22.jpg (36946 bytes)
Leah Holland (Holly) Hales, Sarah Finman, Linda Hales, and Kacia Duncan
Linda, Holly and Joan Hales 2001
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Lou Ella Holland born 1885 curtislouisellaT.jpg (417 bytes)
David Holland born 1888 and Emma Lea Bryant born 1894 click to see full picture
David Holland with sons Louis and Curtis Holland louiscurtisincar1T.jpg (730 bytes)
Louis and Curtis Holland about 10 and 8 years old in Pikeville, NC
Louis Lea Holland born 1912 click this to see picture
Diana, Jack, David Holland - about 1950
Jana Elizabeth Holland wedding picture - 1996
Louis Colbert Holland 2008; Louis, Eve and Emile Holland 2011
Diana Iris Holland - 1993
Roy Smith and Nawal Bekkali
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Curtis David Holland Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii  1942
Jack and Suzy Holland - 1996 click to see Jack and Suzy
Liz and Irish Holland - 2008
Peggy, Sydney, Janie Holland and Bessie Owens - 1956
Susan Holland Gibson and Ginger Owens Gibson Walter's family

2nd marriage with Martha Parks

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Fairbee Lee Jones Mintz family


Holland Houses

Patrick Holland home in Micro, Johnston County, North Carolina

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