Elisha Holland II's house taken, seemingly, the same day as the picture of Elisha II and Poly on the previous page,  November 7, 1897.  They look the same age and are wearing the same clothes. 
Elisha II and his wife Polly are in the center. 
To Elisha's left is his half-brother Needham (written on the back of the photo is, "Needham with whiskers."
Other names written on the back (I don't know the order) are Jencie, Eason, George, Old Man Johnny
There are also 8 numbers that may refer to the 8 people on the upper level.  The only names with the numbers are 6. Albert, 3. Mary, 1. Carl.
The only Albert I know of who fits this timeframe is Perry Holland's son Albert, born about 1884, making him about 13 years old at the time of this picture.



Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins' 7th child was also named Elisha Holland.  I refer to him as Elisha Holland II.

He was born about 1804 in North Carolina.  He died 22 November 1901, and was buried on his homestead in Wayne County, North Carolina. 
Elisha Holland married four times.  All of his children that we about were from his first wife.  He is pictured here with his 3rd wife Polly.

Elisha - Elisha II

This picture was provided by Ruth Ann Feuquay Thomas of Fort Worth, Texas.  She is Elisha Holland II's great-great niece.177 

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