Absalom's Branch


Family of
Simon J. Holland, C. S. A. 
and his oldest child's family, 
Ella Lucinda Holland and Kencheon C. Atkinson 

Simon Holland is seated on the right with his wife Willie Grice seated next to him.  
The little boy standing between them is Simon Lester (called Lester) Atkinson, son of their daughter Ella Lucinda Holland and Kincheon Atkinson.
The couple seated on the left are Kincheon Atkinson and Ella Lucinda Holland, daughter of Simon Holland. 
The three small children with this couple are Lena Pearl  Atkinson, Maggie Lee Atkinson, and Mamie Udell Atkinson, children of Ella Lucinda Holland. 
Standing across the back are
Nellie Atkinson, daughter of Ella Lucinda Holland
Smithy Floyd Holland, daughter of Simon Holland 
Rufus Henry Holland, son of Simon Holland 
Betty Melvina Holland, daughter of Simon Holland
Octavia Atkinson, daughter of Ella Lucinda Holland 

Simon J. Holland was born 15 February 1838 in North Carolina, the son of Absalom Holland and Nancy Hales, grandson of Jimmie Holland.  Like his two older brothers, Burdin and Rufus, he served in the Confederate Army.  

This picture was taken in 1898.  Simon Holland and Willie Grice had eight children; four of them are in this picture.  Their youngest one, Simon Hardy, twin to the above Rufus Henry Holland, died at one year old.  Their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th children (James Monroe G., Edna Perneicy, and Nancy Loucreasy)  were married.  

Jimmie - Elisha -  Absalom -  Simon J. Holland  

Picture provided by D. Frank Hinnant, Jr., great-grandson of Absalom Holland


Chase Garreth Holland and Gage Walker Holland, 2008,
sons of  Billy Glenn Holland and Melissa Ferguson Holland

Jimmie - Elisha -  Absalom -  Simon J. Holland  -  James Monroe G. Holland  -  Leslie Glenn Holland  -  Billy Rae Holland  -  Billy Glenn Holland

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