Laura Alice Holland's Family - photo 1910
Back row:  Harvey Lee Shaw, son; Ludie Alice Shaw, daughter; Gertrude Mae Shaw, daughter
Center:  Henry J. Shaw, husband; Laura Alice Shaw, wife
Front row:  William Albert Shaw, son; Dana Irene Shaw, daughter; James Elzy Shaw, son

Frances Clarinda Nixon
Sister of Emma Alice Nixon who married the Holland brothers James Thomas "J. T." Holland and Woodard H. Holland
1929 San Angelo, Texas
Holland Siblings
John Holland, Laura Alice Holland [Shaw], Will Holland, children of Woodard H. Holland and Emma Alice Nixon
Laura Alice Holland [Shaw],
daughter of Woodard H. Holland and Emma Alice Nixon
She married Henry Jefferson Shaw

Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins' 4th child was Jesse Holland, born about 1795 in North Carolina. 
Two of Jesse and Betsy Holland's sons, Woodard H. Holland and James Thomas Holland, married sisters Emma Alice Nixon (born 30 November 1852 in Alabama) and Frances Clarinda Nixon (born 29 February 1848 in Georgia).  Laura Alice Holland Shaw is Emma Alice Nixon and Woodard H. Holland's daughter. 

The entire Shaw-Holland family in Grapeland, Texas in 1918
From left:  William Albert Shaw, Harvey Lee Shaw, Gertrude Shaw, James Elzy Shaw, Dana Shaw, Ludie Alice Shaw,
Laura Alice Holland Shaw (mother),  Rosa Shaw, Edward Shaw, Clara Shaw, Henry Jefferson Shaw (father and husband to Laura Alice Holland)


Henry Jefferson Shaw, his wife Laura Alice Holland [Nixon] (pregnant),
Viola Holland [Warrick] (Laura Holland's 1st cousin, daughter of James Thomas Holland and Frances Clarinda Nixon),
Frances Clarinda Nixon Holland (wife of James Thomas Holland and mother of Viola Holland),
unknown male
F. Cora Holland, daughter of Woodard H. Holland and Emma Alice Nixon, sister of Laura Alice Holland


The line: Elisha Holland - Jesse Holland - Woodard H. Holland - Laura Alice Holland

The pictures on this page were provided by Laura Alice Holland's great-granddaughter, Cynthia Shaw Bunch of Henderson, Nevada,  in June 2007. 

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