James Steven Holland and wife Viola Elizabeth Smith

Viola Elizabeth Smith, wife of James Steven Holland

James Steven Holland

All pictures of Steve Holland, grandson of Jesse Holland and great-grandson of Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins, were taken in Bell County, Texas, around 1896.  His wife Viola Smith, pictured with him on the left, is wearing her first store-bought dress, one that Steve bought for her shortly after they were married.  Viola Smith Holland is pictured below with their grown children.

Jesse Holland descendents: family of Viola and James Steven Holland

Viola Elizabeth Smith, wife of James Steven Holland, in 1963 with all of her eight children.
She is seated in the center.
From left to right standing:  Willie Steven (Bill) Holland
Raymond Leroy (Baldy) Holland
Julian Howard Holland
Roy Holland

Seated, left to right: Flora Holland [Aarott]
Mary Clarinda Holland [Story]
Viola Elizabeth Smith [Holland]
Roxie Lee Ellen Holland [Harris]
Pearly Opal (Opal) Holland [Keyes]

Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins' 4th child was Jesse Holland, born about 1795 in North Carolina. 
One of Jesse Holland's sons James Thomas Holland married Frances Clarinda Nixon, born 29 February 1848, in Georgia.  Their second child was James Steven Holland, whose wife Viola Elizabeth Smith is pictured here with their eight children. 

The line:  Elisha Holland - Jesse Holland - James Thomas Holland - James Steven Holland


These pictures were provided by James Steven and Viola Holland's granddaughter Stephanie Holland of New Mexico in February 2008 and in October 2010. 

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