Woodard's Branch

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Fannie Jazabel Woodard, wife of Perry H. Holland
Miranda Mull and Brian Gillis' wedding
Richard Hodge Holland, son Richard Turner Holland, Richard "Jim" Holland, Jr., Myrtle Bland, Jane Holland.  Joseph Aldine "Tom" Holland, Cora Smith Holland.    The six children of Richard Hodge Holland, Durlene Johnson, June Lee Matthis  FayeKeenfam.jpg (6082 bytes)
Ophelia Holland and husband Jess Harris Spell
Rural Minson Spell, wife Nancy Johnson and daughter Ovelia Spell
OviliaHolland-JessHarrisSpell.jpg (20468 bytes)
Woodard D. and Rhoda, son Eli 'Jack', & Jack's children cabin2t.jpg (1099 bytes)
Woodard D. Holland, C. S. A. plaque Woodard-CSA-f.jpg (16570 bytes)
James Woodard Holland  JamesWoodardHolland.jpg (7514 bytes)
Addie Cornelia Holland 1864-1906 AddieCorneliaHolland.jpg (4896 bytes)
Addie Cornelia Holland Aycock's adult children addieholland450.jpg (14811 bytes)
Minnie Aycock and Judge Mershon Tomberlin, 
Raymond M. Turner, Jr. family 2008
Richard Nathan Aycock, and Barden V. (Tiny) Aycock
minnieaycockT.jpg (703 bytes)
Eli C. Holland, 1st wife Lisa, baby Clinton Holland  EliHollandNacnyClinton.jpg (22953 bytes)
Catherine 'Sid' Holland, daughter of Clinton Holland  catherineholland.jpg (11834 bytes)
Polly Ann Carter and daughter Pearl Carter Holland polly&pearlt.jpg (978 bytes)
George Ellis Holland and daughter Edna Holland geo&ednat.jpg (948 bytes)
Eli C. Holland and 3rd wife Nancy Purvis EliCHolland-NancyPurvis1.jpg (18199 bytes)
Frank Holland and Eliza Bratcher frank-elizaHolland.jpg (5710 bytes)
Nancy Mozell Purvis Holland Nancy_Mozell_Purvis_Holland.jpg (10545 bytes)
The Frank Holland Family in 1984 frankhollandfamily1984.jpg (16758 bytes)
Nancy Mae Holland in 2001 nancy holland slagel jan2001-2.jpg
Woodard D. Holland, C. S. A., and Rhoda Brown home in North Carolina Woodard HollandHome-Waddellfamily.jpg (24495 bytes)
James Francis Holland JamesFrancisHolland1.jpg (12919 bytes)
George Bernie  'Dood' Holland
Duncan Holland Niven
GeorgeBernieDoodHolland1.jpg (7798 bytes)
Elizabeth 'Bettie' Holland's Edgerton line  FredExumEdgerton.jpg (67511 bytes)

Woodard Holland Cemetery photos, Appling County, Georgia

Holland Family Photos

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