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This is the homestead of Benjamin W. Holland
in Colquitt County, Georgia
Standing in front, from left to right, are
Della Holland (daughter of Ben and Mary),
Benjamin Holland, his wife Mary J. Fields Holland,
and Molly Lee Holland, daughter.   
Benjamin Holland was born in 1853 in Georgia.
Molly Lee Holland was born in 1892, and Della Holland was born in 1895. 
This picture may have been taken around 1910.

Benjamin Holland was the first child of Wiley N. Holland and Diadema Wood, and the grandson of Eli Holland and Edith Hood.



These are the girls in the Benjamin W. Holland family
in Colquitt County, Georgia
Standing from left to right are
Mary Jane Holland (daughter of Ben and Mary), born 1900;
Della Holland (daughter of Ben and Mary), born 1895;
Rosa May West Holland (married Marion D. Holland);
sitting are Molly Lee Holland (daughter), born 1892; and   
Evangeline Holland (daughter), born 1884.
All born in Colquitt County, Georgia  This picture was probably taken around 1910.

Evangelina, Molly, Della, and Mary Jane Holland were all daughters of Benjamin W. Holland and Mary J. Fields.

The line:  Elisha - Eli. - Wiley N. - Benjamin W. Holland

These picture were provided by Donice Dowdy, a descendent of Eli Holland and Benjamin Holland,
great-granddaughter of David A. West and Della Holland.  

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