Phoeba Adeline Holland was born August 6, 1873 in Georgia.  She married John T. Beck in Rabun, Georgia, in February 1894.  She is pictured here with her great-grandson Edward Rumsey, Jr., son of Miriam Wilson and Edward Sylvester Rumsey.  She is pictured on the right with her sister Oma Holland. 

Phoeba Holland is great granddaughter of Enos Holland. 
These pictures were provided by Edward Rumsey, Jr. in May 2010;  he also contributed pictures of Phoeba Holland and John T. Beck's gravestones which are located in the Album - Cemetery section, and a Memoir which is in the Stories section of this website.

The line is as follows:
Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins' first child was Enos Holland, born about 1790 in North Carolina. 
Enos Holland's 3rd child with his wife Susan Brown was Benjamin Holland, born about 1821 in North Carolina. 
Benjamin Holland's wife was named Phoebe; their 4th child was Richard J. Holland. 
Richard Holland was born about 1853, probably in Georgia;  His wife was named Emily. 
Phoeba Adeline Holland was Richard and Emily Holland's first child; she married John T. Beck.
Their daughter Della Estelle Beck married Hubert Johnson Rumsey.
Edward Sylvester Rumsey was the first child born to Della Beck and Hubert J. Rumsey.

Elisha Holland - Enos Holland - Benjamin Holland - Richard J. Holland - Phoeba Adeline Holland Beck - Della Estelle Beck - Edward Sylvester Rumsey


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