Annual Dues:  $12.00

Please make checks payable to:  
Jimmie and Ruthie Holland Family Association

Pop it in an envelope and mail to:

Brenda Niven, Treasurer
16 Amberwood Drive

Savannah, GA 31405

Dues are from January - December.  If you join in the middle of the year, the membership fee is prorated based on the number of whole months remaining in the year so make your check out accordingly.  For more information, call Brenda at 912.964.4440 or email     

Your support will be used to restore and preserve the Jimmie Holland family cemeteries in Wayne and Johnston Counties in North Carolina.  You will receive an annual newsletter/report.  


Additional donations to the Cemetery Preservation Project are also welcome.  As you can see from this photo, it is a worthy project; this cemetery needs a fence, a road to it, and someone to keep it cleared of brush.

Photo courtesy of Faye Ellis Keen, granddaughter of Richard Hodge Holland and Martha Hinnant, great-granddaughter of Perry Holland, 2nd-great-granddaughter of Rural Anderson Holland and Amanda Holland, 3rd-great-granddaughter of Woodard D. Holland and Celia. Taken in summer of 2001. 

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