ca. 1804 - 1901

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Elisha Holland, son of Jimmie and Jerutha Holland, married twice and had 17 children.  His namesake, Elisha, was his 8th child with first wife Patience Watkins.  Elisha's, son of Elisha Holland, line is followed in this section. 

Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Watkins:  Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Peacock:  Elisha Holland and Elizabeth Holland's children: (this page)
1.  Enos Holland
2.  Eli Holland
3.  Woodard D. Holland 1
4.  Betsy-Jesse Holland
5.  Bryant Holland
6.  Curtis Holland
7.  Absalom Holland
8.  Elisha Holland (this page)
9.  Warren Holland
10.  Ave (Nancy) Holland
11.  Exum Holland
12.  Jinnett Holland
13.  Ginsey Holland
14.  West Holland
15.  Green Holland
16.  Candace Holland
17.  Needham Gray Holland
1.  Curtis (or Charles) Holland
John Holland
3.  Thomas Holland
4.  Nancy Holland

8. Elisha Holland was born about 1804.  He died 22 November 1901 on his homestead at age 96.  It is said that he was buried alone on his property.  His gravesite is located near the intersection of North Carolina state roads 1333 and 1337 on the west side of North Carolina Highway 581, referred to here as the Elisha Holland II Cemetery.  Buried with him are Edward O. Snipes and his wife Betty E., and Forest and Doris Snipes Mitchell.  No other Holland graves are there; I guess that is what is meant by his being buried alone. 

Elisha married 1st Elizabeth (Betsey) Holland on 26 March 1822 in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Bondsmen were Enos Holland, Geo. Mitchell, and R. Sanders.  Elisha is listed in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 censuses of Wayne County, North Carolina.100  Elisha married 2 times after Betsey's death, first to Zilphia Pate on 28 November 1863 in Wayne County; and then to Polly M. Hocutt on 24 August 1881 in Johnston County.   There is a picture in the Album section of Elisha with his third wife Polly.  All children are by the first marriage.
Children of Elisha Holland (b. 1805) and Elizabeth Holland:

1. Curtis (or Charles) Holland was born around 1820 or 1821 in North Carolina.  In the 1850 Wayne County census, he was 27; in the 1860 census he was 40 and a cooper by profession.  He is listed with Charlotte age 22, his wife, Avy Ann 3, Wiley 2, Elisha T. 7 months, and Sarah Holland 80.  This seems to be the Charles Holland who served and died in the Civil War in 1863.  He was deceased when his son Matthew applied for a marriage license in 1882; Charlotte was living in Johnston County.  His military record is in the Public Records section of this web site.  
Children of Curtis Holland and Charlotte:

2.  John Holland was born about 1822 or 1823 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  He married Serena Jane Howell.  She was born 10 (or 18) July 1820, died 10 July 1889, and was buried in the Jinnett Caswell Holland Cemetery in Wayne County, North Carolina.  There is a picture of her grave in the Album section of this web site.  After her death, John Holland  married 2nd Mary Jane Frances Worley, called "Fannie."  She was born in 1870.100  They had six children together.242 

This family was listed in the 1850 census for Wayne County.  John was age 27, Jane age 32, Elisha age 6, Elizabeth age 3, and William age 1.  In the 1860 and 1870 censuses in Wayne County, John was listed as 37 and a cooper; and 49 and a farm laborer, respectively.  John Holland died in 1898.
Children of John Holland and Serena Jane Howell: