Born about 1801 in Wayne County, North Carolina
 Died 7 January 1863

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Absalom's line is followed on this page.  He was Elisha Holland's 7th child.  Most of the work on this line was done by Mary Ketus Deen Holland and Vickie Sams Holland. Contributions of other contributors are noted where they occur.  

Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Watkins:  Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Peacock:  Absalom Holland's children: 
1.  Enos Holland
2.  Eli Holland
3.  Woodard D. Holland
4.  Jesse Holland
5.  Bryant Holland
6.  Curtis Holland
7.  Absalom Holland (this page) 
8.  Elisha Holland
9.  Warren Holland
10.  Ave (Nancy) Holland
11.  Exum Holland
12.  Jinnett Holland
13.  Ginsey Holland
14.  West Holland
15.  Green Holland
16.  Candace Holland
17.  Needham Holland
1.  Burdin Holland, C. S. A.   
2.  Rufus Henry Holland, C. S. A. 
3.  Simon Holland, C. S. A. 
4.  Henry Holland  
5.  Richard W. Holland 
6.  William W. Holland  
7.  Elizabeth Holland
8.  Absalom Bryant Holland 
9.  Zilpha Holland  
10.  Nancy Holland  

7. Absalom Holland was born about 1801 in Wayne County, North Carolina.   He died 7 January 1863; at about age 62. Absalom married Nancy Hales who was born about 1809.  

Nancy Hales was the daughter of Zilphia Waddell and Henry Hails. Zilphia and Henry were married 28 November 1808 in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Bondsman was Chapman Hayles who appears to be Henry Hales' father.  Henry Hails appears in the Johnston County, North Carolina, census in 1810 in the age group of 16 - 26 year-old men.  Listed with him are two females, one under 10 years old, and one between the ages of 16 and 26.  Nancy Hales was probably born in 1809. 

Henry died when Nancy was a baby, after the census was taken in 1810 and before February court in 1811.  Johnston County, North Carolina, court minutes dated 25 February 1811 show Zilpha Hayles, widow and relect of Henry Hayles, giving her right of Administration to Chapman Hayles.  In later court records, dated 24 August 1814, Zilphia's brother Joel Waddell is appointed guardian to Nancy Hayles, orphan of Henry Hayles.  He paid this bond until 1832 when presumably Nancy Hales married Absalom Holland.  A family story says says Nancy was abandoned by her mother.  If so, it appears this happened after Henry Hayles died and Zilphia had no means of support, and the court gave guardianship of Nancy first to her grandfather Chapman Hayles in 1811, then to her uncle Joel Waddell in 1814.   Zilphia Waddell married Uriah Peacock, father of Patience Peacock, in Johnston County, North Carolina, on 5 November 1815, becoming his third wife.  Nancy Hales would have been about six years old at this time, but she may have continued living with Joel Waddell's family.33  More details about Nancy Hales' early life are in the Stories section of this web site.   

These relationships, stated another way:  Absalom Holland's father Elisha, after his wife Patience Watkins died, married Patience Peacock, daughter of Uriah Peacock and Millie Watkins (Uriah Peacock's third wife).  Uriah Peacock's second wife Zilpha Waddell, was previously married to Henry Hails (Hales, Hayles) and was mother of Nancy Hales, Absalom's wife.  

Absalom is listed in the 1850 and 1860 census, living in Wayne County, North Carolina.  It appears that Absalom and Nancy had at least 10 children: Burdin, Rufus Henry, Simon, Henry, Richard W. and William W. (twins), Elizabeth, Absalom B., Zilpha, and Nancy.  Their first three sons served in the Army of the Confederate States of America.   Since the exact year of her birth is unknown, it is also unknown how old Nancy was when Absalom died, but based on the estimated year of her birth being 1809, she would have been around 54.

Four years after the death of her husband in 1862, Nancy Hales married Charney Adams on 3 June 1867 in North Carolina.  He was the son of Lewis Adams, also born in North Carolina, and Susannah Morgan.  They were married at Nancy Hales Holland's home by her brother-in-law, West Holland, Justice of the Peace.63  Nancy would have been an estimated 58 years old at the time of her second marriage, and Charney Adams was about 76.  Charney Adams was married first to Persey (last name unknown) and appeared in the Wayne County census living with her in 1830, 1840,1850, and 1860.  Persey died after the 1860 census and before 1867 when Charney married Nancy.  The 1870 census shows Charney Adams with wife Nancy living in the Holden District of Wayne County.  With them are two Holland children, Nancy Holland, aged 16, and William H. Holland, age 6.  The 1880 census of Wayne County has Charney Adams and Nancy living in the Great Swamp area.104 

A picture of the marriage record, furnished by Vickie Holland, may be seen in the Public Records section of this web site.  

The children of Absalom Holland and Nancy Hales are listed below.  The child in the 1870 census, living with Nancy Hales and Charney Adams, is not included in this list as too little is know about him. 

1. Burdin Holland, C.S.A,. was born in January 1833 and died in 1902.  His family information is displayed in a separate section.  

2. Rufus Henry Holland, C.S.A., was born 18 or 20 May 1834 in North Carolina.  He died 29 May 1906 at Pinkney, North Carolina, and was buried in Old Jenkins Cemetery, Fremont, North Carolina.  On 10 February 1853 Rufus married Mary Ann Radford, daughter of Miles and Earline Radford at a ceremony performed by Jno. G. Barnes, Esq. in Wayne County, North Carolina. The 1860 census of Wayne County lists Rufus and Mary at age 25.  His occupation at that time was cooper.  Two children are listed:  "F. A." age 4, female (presumably Fannie A. Holland) and "E. J." female, age 8 months (presumably Bettie).  Rufus and Mary Ann had seven children.  Mary Ann Radford died 27 June 1888 at about the age of 53.  

Rufus Henry Holland served in the Confederate Army during the War Between the States in Company K, 27th Regiment of the North Carolina Infantry.  He enlisted in Wayne County, NC, 10 June 1861, at the age of 27 as a Corporal.   He was captured as a Union Prisoner of War 12 April 1865 at Petersburg, VA and was imprisoned at City Point, VA and Point Lookout, MD, taking the oath of allegiance to the United States 27 June 1865.  He was wounded in both legs.  There is further information on Rufus Henry Holland's Civil War service in the Public Records section of this web site.   

Rufus Henry Holland married 2nd on 3 January 1889, at the age of 54, Sarah Ann Adams.  She was 18 years old,   daughter of R. L. Adams and Malvinia Privett.  She was born 12 April 1870.  They had one child together, Lillie Naomi Holland.  Sarah died in 1943.  Rufus Henry Holland was pastor of the Union Grove Baptist Church;  was a section foreman with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad for 40 years, and lived in Fremont during this time; and his last work was delivering mail between Fremont and Pinkney, North Carolina.  Nellie Holland Russell's genealogy states that this information is "taken from the Rufus Henry Holland Pulpit Bible, Union Grove Free Will Baptist Church, Pinkney, North Carolina, in possession of D. Franklin Hinnant of Tarboro, North Carolina, in 1960."  There is a picture of Rufus Henry Holland in the Album section of this web site.  

Children of Rufus Holland and Mary Ann Radford:

Rufus Holland's child by his 2nd wife Sarah Ann Adams:

3. Simon Holland, C. S. A., was born in 1838 and died in 1903.  His family information is displayed in a separate section. 

4. Henry Holland, b. 1840 in North Carolina, is listed in the 1850 and 1860 census as living in the household of Absalom and Nancy Holland.  It is not certain whether he is their son.

5. Richard W. Holland (identical twin to William W. Holland) was born 29 November 1842 and died in 1882.  Richard's line is extensive and is covered in detail in a separate section. 

6. William W. Holland (identical twin to Richard) was born 29 November 1842 and died 4 July 1899. His family information is displayed in a separate section. 

7.  Elizabeth Holland was born 6 May 1846 in North Carolina.  She died 17 January 1921.  She married Joseph Collier who was born 28 August 1835 in Wayne County, North Carolina, the son of William Collier and Tempie Garris, both born in Wayne County.  Elizabeth Holland died 17 January 1921, in Wilson County, North Carolina, at age 74.  She was buried in Kenly, North Carolina.  Joseph Collier died in May 1924, in Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina.  He was buried in the Kenly Town Cemetery in Johnston County.  Images of their death certificates are in the the Public Records, Death section of this website.  
Children of Elizabeth Holland and Joseph Collier:

8. Absalom Bryant (called A. B.) Holland, was born 15 October 1848 in Kenly, Johnston County, North Carolina.; he died in  1908 in Baxley, Georgia.   He was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Appling County, Georgia.  Absalom married Apsilla ("Appie") Jane Hinnant on 18 April 1880, in Johnston County, North Carolina.  She was born 19 February 1847, in North Carolina; died 9 April 1929, in Alma, Georgia; and is buried in Baxley, Georgia next to her husband A.B.  Appie is the daughter of Henry Hinnant (born 1822 in Halifax County, North Carolina; died in 1887 in Johnston County, North Carolina) and Martha Edwards (born about 1825 in North Carolina).  Henry Hinnant and Martha Edwards married 24 November 1846.  Appie's father Henry Hinnant was the son of Josiah Hinnant, RS, (born 1771 in Johnston County, North Carolina) who was married about 1802 to Charity Creech (born 1789 in North Carolina) and died after 5 January 1856 in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Josiah Hinnant was the son of William Hinnant, RS, born in Johnston County, North Carolina in 1729, married to Mary before 1771 and died in 1801 in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Appie's mother Martha Edwards was the daughter of Jacob Edwards and Apsabeth Creech, both of North Carolina.  A. B. and Appie Holland moved to Appling County, Georgia between 1885 and 1890.

The information on Absalom Bryant and Appie Holland and on their daughter Martha Jane Holland (below) was furnished by L. Kenneth Lee of Soap Lake, Washington.
Children of Absalom Bryant Holland and Appie Hinnant:

Note:  From the gravestone pictures provided by George Randall Peacock in November 2002, came the following discrepancies in dates for some of the children, spouses, and grandchildren of Absalom Bryant Holland:

Name Type of discrepancy   I had  Grave stone has 
Clayton A. Holland 
Donald Holland
Hudson Holland
Winnifred Hicks, wife of Hudson Holland
birth date
birth year
birth date
death date
14 February 1893
20 March 1917
14 Sep 1960
14 February 1894
29 March 1917
11 Sep 1960

If you can help with these discrepancies, please get in touch.  

Genealogist M. K. D. Holland writes, "In the same plot in Pleasant Grove Cemetery with Ranson L. Holland and his father A. B. Holland are the following:

9.  Zilpha Jean Holland was born in 1851 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  On 25 December 1866, she married David Woodard Peacock, C.S.A., after his service in the War of Northern Aggression.  David was the son of Jesse Peacock of Johnston County, North Carolina (siblings were Polly Peacock, John W. Peacock , Lucinda Peacock, James A. Peacock, Zilpha A. Peacock, and Nancy Peacock), and the grandson of Jacob Peacock and Sally Holms of Johnston County, North Carolina.  David Woodard Peacock's sister Zilphia Peacock married Bennett G. Barnes, C.S.A., whose daughter Catherine Barnes married Amanda Holland's son James Henry Waddell.  James Henry Waddell, Catherine Barnes, Bennett G. Barnes, Drewry Barnes (father of Bennett G. Barnes), and Zilpha Peacock are buried in Whaley Cemetery in Kenly, Johnston County, North Carolina.  Pictures of their  gravestones of  are in the Album - Cemeteries section of this website.

Zilpha and David had nine children.  They moved to Appling County, Georgia, before 1900, all going together on a train.   

David Peacock enlisted in the 27th Reg. Co. "K" NC Infantry and transferred into the 15th Reg. Co. "I" NC Infantry.  He was wounded at Bristoe Station, Virginia and returned. He was listed on the "Roll of Honor" for the 15th Reg. and was listed as paroled at Appomattox on April 9, 1865. These two honors are very rare indeed, especially to have fought in the war for the entire campaign.  Only 122 of the 15th Regiment, Cooke's Brigade were present at the surrender and he was one, documented on Appomattox Parole list.  He would have enlisted with Simon and Rufus Holland, his future brothers-in-law.  Bennett G. Barnes, 1st Lt. of K Company, was one of their commanding officers.   For more information on their military careers, see the Public Records - Military section of this website.  

Zilpha Jean Holland died 6 November 1912, in Alma, Georgia.  David Woodard Peacock died 1 June 1904, in Alma, Georgia.  They were buried side-by-side in Big Creek Cemetery in Alma, Georgia.  Pictures of their graves are in the Album section of this web site.  The information on Zilpha Holland and David Peacock was provided by George Randall Peacock.62  There are pictures of the George Randall Peacock family in the Album section of this web site.

Children of Zilpha Jean Holland and David Peacock:

10. Nancy Holland was born in 1853 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  She married John Franklin Langley and lived in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Genealogist M. K. D. Holland was told that Nancy Holland Langley is buried in an unmarked grave in the Simon Holland Cemetery, near Pinkney, in Wayne County.  The Wayne County, North Carolina Cemeteries Book, 133  in what they refer to as row 5, note three unmarked graves in a row that contains graves for Madie W. Langley, Zeno S. Langley, and Gladys S. Langley, Willie L. Williams, William D. Williams, and Ida L. Williams.  The two unmarked graves that are beside each other are possibly the graves of Nancy Holland and her husband Frank Langley. 
Children of Nancy Holland and John Franklin Langley:

This is the end of Absalom's branch.  Use the table below to get to get to his parents, siblings, and children.

Zachary Grantham Holland, Jr.


There are errors in this work: some dates that could not logically work.  If you see a mistake or can add to the information here, please contact me.

The information is from family historians Nellie Holland Russell and Mary Ketus Deen Holland, and information of which I have personal knowledge or have gathered from family members.  Though imperfect, it is a good start.  Enjoy and please let me know if you have questions or corrections.  This work is being continued and added to on a regular basis so check the revision date below to see when additions or changes were last posted.

Holland Family History in America - Absalom Holland
Published 10 Nov 1996  Last updated 10 March 2014

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