Absalom's branch as it extends through his son Simon Holland

15 February 1838 - 25 March 1903

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This page is a sub-section of Absalom Holland and his wife Nancy Hales.   It shows the descendants of their third child, Simon Holland and his wife Willie Grice. 

Absalom's children:

Absalom Holland's children:  Simon's children: (this page)
1.  Burdin Holland, C. S. A.   
2.  Rufus Henry Holland, C. S. A. 
3.  Simon Holland, C. S. A. (this page) 
4.  Henry Holland  
5.  Richard W. Holland 
6.  William W. Holland 
7.  Elizabeth Holland
8.  Absalom Bryant Holland 
9.  Zilpha Holland  
10.  Nancy Holland  
1.  Ella Lucinda Holland
2.  James Monroe G. Holland
3.  Edna Perneicy Holland
4.  Nancy Loucreasy Holland
5.  Smithy Floyd Holland
6.  Bettie Melvina Holland
7.  Rufus Henry Holland
8.  Simon Hardy Holland

3. Simon Holland, C. S. A., was born 15 February 1838 in North Carolina.  He died 25 March 1903 and was buried in the Simon Holland Cemetery on his farm near Pinkney, North Carolina.  Prior to the War of Northern Aggression, he married  Willie Grice, born 10 October 1838.  She died 31 December 1907 and was also buried in the Simon Holland Cemetery.  On the 1860 Wayne County census, Simon is listed at age 22, living next to his brother Burdin in Nahunta.  Listed with him is his wife Willie, age 21.

Mrs. Ethel Lamm of Elizabeth City, North Carolina furnished the information in this section to M. K. D. Holland, giving the following information on her grandfather Simon Holland:  "Simon Holland joined the Confederate Army when North Carolina seceded and served until two weeks before General Lee surrendered.  Simon and Willie Holland had been married nine years before their first child was born."  About her grandmother, Mrs. Lamm's records contained the following account: "Willie Grice was the daughter of Edna Grice (known as Granny Edna or Edny).  Willie Grice Holland was a very intelligent person and the best educated in the community.  She was loved and respected by everyone because of her good deeds and service to humanity.  She was generally spoken of as 'Aunt Willie.'  She was a noble person."

Dwight Mitchell59, great-great grandson of Simon Holland and nearby resident of the old Simon Holland homestead, relates in 2001:  "The Simon Holland cemetery is well kept up and is located on NC Highway 581.  It is about 1 mile from the Jimmie Holland marker and 2 or 3 miles from the Elisha Holland cemetery.  Across the road from Simon's cemetery is his old home place.  Willie planted two seedling trees there;  they are huge now."  He gives the following information from the headstones on Simon and Willie's graves:

Putting the above facts together would indicate that Simon Holland and Willie Grice got married in 1857 when they were about 18 and 19 years old.  More information on Simon Holland's military service is in the Public Records section of this web site.
Children of Simon Holland and Willie Grice: