Woodard's branch as it extends through his son Woodard D. Holland

24 June 1834 - 17 March 1908

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A note about the Woodard D. Hollands in this family.  There are three generations of Woodard D. Holland, beginning with Elisha's son born in 1794.  Since we do not know what the D. stands for, we cannot assume that the second Woodard D. was a Junior, or that his son was the 3rd; their middle names could have all been different.  So, for the sake of referencing them in this family history, I refer to the second-generation Woodard D. Holland, born in 1834, as Woodard D. 2, and to his son, born in 1868, as Woodard D. 3.  This is not to be taken as repeated names in subsequent generations which we would distinguish as Jr. and III, but merely as a convenience of reference.  

This page is a sub-section of Woodard D. Holland and his wife Celia's children.   It shows the descendants of their eighth child, Woodard D. Holland and his wife Rhoda Johnson. 

Woodard's children:

Woodard D. Holland's and Celia's children (parents): Woodard D. Holland 2's and Rhoda's children (this page):
[1. Milley Holland - possible child]
2. James Holland
3.  Bing Holland
4.  Unicey Selah (called Nicey) Holland  
5.  Mack Campbell (called John) Holland  
6.  Rural Anderson (called 'Rochie') Holland
7.  Exum Haywood Holland, C. S. A.   
8.  Woodard D. Holland, C. S. A. (this page) 
9.  Patience Katherine Holland  
10. Elizabeth Holland 

1.  Ophelia Holland
2.  Erastus Foster Holland
3.  Margaret Tatey Holland
4.  Addie Cornelia Holland 
5.  Eli C. Holland 
6.  Woodard D. Holland 3
7.  James Francis Holland 

8. Woodard D. Holland, C. S. A.  was born 24 June 1834.  He died 17 March 1908, and was buried in the Holland Cemetery in Appling County, Georgia.  In the family Bible, he is referred to as "Little Woodard", according to great-great-great grandson Darren Niven.  He married Rhoda Johnson who was born 14 February 1832, and died 28 September 1905. She was also buried in the Holland Cemetery in Appling County, Georgia.  

Rhoda Johnson's father was Burty (or Berty) Johnson, born August 1804, the illegitimate child of Honor Johnson of Johnston County, North Carolina, according to the minutes of the Johnston County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, dated 27 May 1816.  At about age 25, after being bound to serve an apprenticeship to Harbord Gilmon, a farmer, from about age 13 until he was 21, Burty Johnson married 1st Edith Stancil (or Stansel), born around 1800, in Johnston County.  Edith was the widow of Carey Wilkinson (or Wilkerson), being previously married in Johnston County on 31 December 1819.   Edith and Carey Wilkinson, who died about 1823, in Johnston County, had one child, Polly Jane Wilkinson/Wilkins, born 6 November 1823.  Edith Stancil Wilkinson and Burty Johnson were married in Johnston County on 15 March 1828. 

Edith Stancil and Burty Johnson had seven children together:

After Edith Stancil died 29 March 1846, in Johnston County, Burty Johnson married Edith's sister Rhoda Stancil, widow of her distant cousin Jessie Stancil.  Rhoda Stancil and Burty Johnson were married 8 February 1847.  The 1850 census of Johnston County shows the older three Johnson children, Edwin, Haywood, and Rhoda, living with different families, probably working.  I do not know where the younger children were at this time.  Rhoda Johnson, before she married Woodard D. Holland, was married first to Elijah Smith on 29 March 1854, in Johnston County.  She married Woodard D. Holland on 19 January 1859.

Images of Rhoda Johnson's marriage records to Elijah Smith and Woodard D. Holland are in the Public Records section of this web site, along with 1850 census records of Rhoda and her siblings.  Further information on the Johnson family is there, also, for those seeking more information on this family, and clarification on the relationships of Edith Stancil, Rhoda Stancil, and Rhoda Johnson.  This information was from the research of Iris Hill Brown111 and Beverly C. Williamson38.

Woodard D. Holland enlisted in the Confederate Army during the War Between the States on 22 September 1862 at Wayne County, North Carolina as a Private.  He served in "D" Co. NC 1st Infantry and "D" Co. NC 67th Infantry.  He was promoted to Sergeant on 15 December 1863 (estimated day of promotion). The date and method of his discharge are not given; he survived the war.  I don't know if he was aware that his first cousin, who was also his father's namesake, Woodard H. Holland, was serving as a Private in the Alabama Infantry.  There is further information on Woodard D. Holland's Civil War service in the Public Records section of this web site, as well as the service of his Alabama cousin.   

Family historian Mary Ketus Deen Holland relates interviews showing that Woodard and Rhoda moved from Wayne County, North Carolina, with their family to Appling County, Georgia, probably before 1900, and bought land from Allen Dixon, the farm located about 16 miles south of Baxley, Georgia on the Blackshear Highway.  A picture of Woodard D. Holland and Rhoda Johnson with their son Eli C. Holland is in the Album section of this web site.  There are also pictures of the Holland Cemetery in Appling County, Georgia, including graves of Rhoda and Woodard D., in the cemetery section of the Album.  
Children of Woodard D. Holland and Rhoda Johnson:

This is the end of Woodard D. Holland III, C. S. A.'s line.  His siblings continue with

8. Patience Katherine Holland

9. Elizabeth Holland

Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Watkins:  Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Peacock: 
1.  Enos Holland
2.  Eli Holland
3.  Woodard D. Holland 1 (parent page)
4.  Betsy-Jesse Holland
5.  Bryant Holland
6.  Curtis Holland
7.  Absalom Holland
8.  Elisha Holland
9.  Warren Holland
10.  Ave (Nancy) Holland
11.  Exum Holland
12.  Jinnett Holland
13.  Ginsey Holland
14.  West Holland
15.  Green Holland
16.  Candace Holland
17.  Needham Gray Holland

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About this History

My father's people came from Wayne County, North Carolina.  Although I live in Alabama now, I inherited his love of our heritage.  So it is with love for him and admiration for his strong desire to preserve our history that I dedicate my part in compiling and maintaining this Holland Family History and Tree to my father,

Louis Lea Holland
17 February 1917 -  8 January 1976

There are errors in this work; some dates could not logically work.  If you see a mistake or can add to the information here, please contact me.  The information is from family historians Nellie Holland Russell and Mary Ketus Deen Holland, information of which I have personal knowledge or have gathered from family members, and contributions sent to me through this web site.  Though imperfect, it is a good start.  Enjoy and please let me know if you have questions or corrections.  This work will be updated on a regular basis so check the revision date below to see when additions or changes were last made.

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