Woodard's branch as it extends through his son Woodard D. Holland 2, 
and through his daughter Addie Cornelia Holland.

5 August 1864 - 31 October 1906

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This page is a sub-section of Woodard D. Holland 2 and his wife Rhoda's fourth child, Addie Cornelia Holland.  The complete line of Addie's parents, Woodard D. and Rhoda, along with Addie's siblings is located on Woodard D. 2's page.  

A note about the Woodard D. Hollands in this family.  There are three generations of Woodard D. Holland, beginning with Elisha's son born in 1794.  Since we do not know what the D. stands for, we cannot assume that the second Woodard D. was a Junior, or that his son was the 3rd; their middle names could have all been different.  So, for the sake of referencing them in this family history, I am going to refer to the second-generation Woodard D. Holland, born in 1834, as Woodard D. 2, and to his son, born in 1868, as Woodard D. 3.  This is not to be taken as repeated names in subsequent generations which we would distinguish as Jr. and III, but merely as a convenience of reference.  

Woodard D. Holland's and Celia's children: Woodard D. Holland 2's and Rhoda's children: Addie Cornelia Holland's children (this page)
[1. Milley Holland - possible child]
2. James Holland
3.  Bing Holland
4.  Unicey Selah (called Nicey) Holland  
5.  Mack Campbell (called John) Holland  
6.  Rural Anderson Holland
7.  Exum Haywood Holland, C. S. A.   
8.  Woodard D. Holland 2, C. S. A. (parent page) 
9.  Patience Katherine Holland  
10. Elizabeth Holland 
1.  Ophelia Holland
2.  Erastus Foster Holland
3.  Margaret Tatey Holland
4.  Addie Cornelia Holland (this page)
5.  Eli C. Holland 
6.  Woodard D. Holland 3
7.  James Francis Holland 
1.  Jasper Blaine Aycock
2.  Minnie Aycock
3.  Richard Nathan Aycock
4.  William B. Aycock
5.  Barden V. Aycock
6.  Maggie Aycock
7.  infant Aycock
8.  Addie Mae Aycock

4.  Addie Cornelia Holland was born 5 August 1864 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  She died on 31 October1906 and was buried in the Holland Cemetery, Appling County, Georgia.  She was married 10 April 1884 in Wayne County, North Carolina at the Woodard Holland home by J. (or S.) G. Holland, Esquire to William Chester Aycock, son of Elias Aycock (son of Calvin, Simon, Jesse, William) and Mary Hooks (daughter of Simeon Hooks and Penelope Aycock).  Mary Hooks was born 20 January 1837, in Wayne County, and died 20 July 1859, in Wayne County.  She and Elias Aycock had two children, Erwin Aycock and William Chester Aycock.  After her death, Elias Aycock married Druzilla Hooks.  They had six children:  DeWitt Aycock, Calvin Aycock, Alvin Aycock, Needham Aycock, Elias Aycock Jr., and Sallie A. Aycock. 

William Chester Aycock was born 10 March 1857.  He died 3 January 1944 in Appling County, Georgia and was buried in Holland Cemetery, Appling County, Georgia.  Click for a picture of Addie Cornelia Holland in the Album section of this web site.  

After the death of Addie Cornelia Holland, William Chester Aycock married Martha Carter on 7 April 1907.  She was born 15 April 1872, and was 34 years old when she married William.  They had two sons, Sam Jones Aycock, born 2 February 1908, and Benjamin F. Aycock, born 7 November 1910.

Daniel Dobby Tomberlin of Thomasville, Georgia, is gratefully acknowledged as the contributor of the information on Addie Cornelia Holland's descendants. 31  Additional information was contributed by J. Wayne Stewart of Brunswick, Georgia.94 
Children of Addie Cornelia Holland and William Chester Aycock: