13 September 1868 - 20 May 1924  

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This page is a sub-section of Green H. Holland and his wife Elizabeth Barnes' children.   It shows the descendants of their eighth child, Sally Holland and her husband William Joseph Dixon

Green Holland's children:

Green H. Holland and Elizabeth Barnes' children (parents): Sally Holland and William Joseph Dixon's children (this page):
1.  George W. Holland
2.  Joseph Brown Holland
3.  Kenneth Raynor Holland
4.  Patience Holland
5.  Celia Holland
6.  Francis Marion Holland
7.  Diana Holland
8.  Sally Holland (this page)
9.  Zilphia Holland

1.  Zeno Dixon
2.  Annie Dixon
3.  George Dixon
4.  Betty Dixon
5.  Ellen Dixon
6.  Octavia Dixon
7.  Alice Dixon
8.  infant Dixon
9.  Herman Green Dixon

8. Sally Holland was born 13 September 1868.  Holland family researcher Irma Regan Holland7 gives her name as Sarah, although most researchers refer to her as Sally.  I have seen many, many instances in family histories of a baby being given a formal name at birth, only to be called by a less formal or nickname from then onwards.  When the nickname was used to the extent that nobody knew the person by any other name, what name should we use in a family history?  Marriage registers and grave markers will use the nickname because that has become the name the person is known by; indeed, the only name anyone knows.  Births were not officially recorded in North Carolina at the time of Sarah Holland's birth; in fact, they were not officially mandated until 1913, although a few counties may have recorded them prior to that year.  This same question of formal or official name vs. common or nickname arises over Sally's daughter Annie's name.  

Sally married William Joseph Dixon on 13 October 1889.  He was son of Joshua Dixon and Elizabeth Virginia Edgerton.  His sister, Martha Jean Dixon, married Demetrius Edgerton, son of Elizabeth Holland and Exum Pike Edgerton.  Sally died in 1924.  Beth Speight109 says that Sally's tombstone lists her death as March 20, 1924.  Irma Regan Holland gives the date of her death as May 20, 1924, citing a Photostat of the family Bible.  Clarification on this date is needed.  Pictures of Sally Holland and William Dixon and some of their children are in the Album section of this web site.  

The descendants of William and Sally Holland Dixon continue to gather every year for a covered dish luncheon. The reunion takes place at Piney Grove Original Free Will Baptist Church located just outside of Kenly, North Carolina, on the first Sunday in June. William and Sally Dixon donated the land on which the church is built. William and Sally Dixon and many of their descendants are buried in the Dixon Family cemetery which is located on Piney Grove Church Road in Kenly, North Carolina.

The information in this section is from a Dixon family Bible that was in the possession of Bettie Dixon Bass in 1948, in Kenly, North Carolina, when she was interviewed by Nellie Russell; from Irma Regan Holland's book, and from Beth Speight.
Children of Sally Holland and William Dixon:

9. Zilphia Holland was born 14 January 1871, probably in Wayne County, North Carolina.  She did not marry and lived on in her father's house after his death, along with her sisters Celia and Diana, and her brother Kenneth Raynor (called Crick).   After Celia Holland died in 1913, Diana and Zilphia continued living together in the home until they died. These sisters raised Zeno Dixon, the son of their sister Sally Holland Dixon.

Zilphia died 25 November 1930 and was buried in the Elisha Holland Cemetery.  There is a picture of her in the Album section of this web site and a picture of her grave also in the Album Cemetery section.  

The information on Sally Holland and William Dixon's family was contributed by Beth Speight.109

This is the end of Sally Holland's line.  Use this table of links to go to her parents and siblings. 


Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Watkins Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Peacock Green Holland's children (this page):
1.  Enos Holland
2.  Eli Holland
3.  Woodard D. Holland
4.  Betsy-Jesse Holland
5.  Bryant Holland
6.  Curtis Holland
7.  Absalom Holland
8.  Elisha Holland
9.  Warren Holland
10.  Ave (Nancy) Holland
11.  Exum Holland
12.  Jinnett Holland
13.  Ginsey Holland
14.  West Holland
15.  Green Holland (this page)
16.  Candace Holland
17.  Needham Holland
1.  George W. Holland
2.  Joseph Brown Holland
3.  Kenneth Raynor Holland
4.  Patience Holland
5.  Celia Holland
6.  Francis Marion Holland
7.  Diana Holland
8.  Sally Holland
9.  Zilphia Holland

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About this History

My father's people came from Wayne County, North Carolina.  Although I live in Alabama now, I inherited his love of our heritage.  So it is with love for him and admiration for his strong desire to preserve our history that I dedicate my part in compiling and maintaining this Holland Family History and Tree to my father,

Louis Lea Holland
17 February 1917 -  8 January 1976

There are errors in this work; some dates could not logically work.  If you see a mistake or can add to the information here, please contact me.  The information is from family historians Nellie Holland Russell and Mary Ketus Deen Holland, information of which I have personal knowledge or have gathered from family members, and contributions sent to me through this web site.  Though imperfect, it is a good start.  Enjoy and please let me know if you have questions or corrections.  This work will be updated on a regular basis so check the revision date below to see when additions or changes were last made.

Holland Family History in America - Green Holland's branch 
Published 10 Nov 1996 ~ Last updated 10 March 2014

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