Exum's branch through Calvin Holland

7 March 1848 - 20 September 1899

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This page is a sub-section of Exum Holland and his 1st wife Penny Boswell.  It shows the descendants of their 8th child, Calvin C. Holland and his wife Sarah Jane Ballenberger.  

Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Watkins Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Peacock: 
1.  Enos Holland
2.  Eli Holland
3.  Woodard D. Holland
4.  Betsy-Jesse Holland
5.  Bryant Holland
6.  Curtis Holland
7.  Absalom Holland
8.  Elisha Holland
9.  Warren Holland
10.  Ave (Nancy) Holland
11.  Exum Holland (parent page) 
12.  Jinnett Holland
13.  Ginsey Holland
14.  West Holland
15.  Green Holland
16.  Candace Holland
17.  Needham Gray Holland


Exum Holland's children by Penniah Boswell: Exum Holland's children by Martha Parks:  Calvin Holland and Sarah Jane Ballenberger's children (this page):
1. Gaston Holland 
2. Jency Holland
3. Jinnett Caswell Holland
4. Elisha Holland
5. West Pratt Holland 
6.  Jane Holland
7.  Addison Pearson Holland
8.  Calvin C. Holland 
(this page)
9.  Patrick Holland
10.  Sarah Jane Holland
11.  Annie B. Holland
12.  Catherine [Isibell F.] Holland
13.  Martha M. Holland
1.  Josephine Holland
2.  Louis G. Holland
3.  West Pratt Holland
4.  Mamie Lee Holland
5.  Joseph Walter Holland
6.  Lou Ella Holland
7.  David Holland
8.  Infant son Holland
9. Tobe Holland
10. Edwin Holland

8. Calvin (called Cab) C. Holland was born 7 March 1848 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  He died 20 March 1899 at age 51, and was buried at Elisha Holland Cemetery near Pinkney, Wayne County, North Carolina. He married 1st Sarah Jane Ballenberger (name changed to Berger) on 29 January 1874.  She was born 1 November 1855.  They had ten children together.  Sarah Jane died 10 November 1896 at the age of 41.  She was buried in the Elisha Holland Cemetery.  There is a picture of her grave in the Album section of this web site.  

Jane Berger was born Sarah Jane Ballenberger.  She was the 2nd child of Joseph Ballenberger, born in 1826 in Frankfurt, Germany, and Martha Langston (called Patsy) of Wayne County, North Carolina.  Patsy Langston was born about 1820.  Joseph Ballenberger served in the War Between the States and operated a store in Goldsboro.  The Ballenberger family is presented on a separate page. 

After her death, Calvin married 2nd Mary (Molly) Johnston (or Johnson) Mitchell who was born in 1836. They did not have children together.  Because of their ages, I am guessing that Molly was a widow, having been born a Johnston or Johnson and marrying a Mitchell.  If the date of her birth is correct, that is, 1836, then she would have been 61 years old if she and Calvin married the year following Sarah Jane's death in 1896. If anybody can shed more information on Mary Johnston   There is a picture of Calvin Holland in the Album - Family Photos section of this website. 

Children of Calvin 'Cab' C. Holland and his 1st wife Jane Berger:

1. Josephine Holland was born 9 March (or May, according to other records) 1876, died 12 (or 17) January 1877 at age 10 months, buried at Elisha Holland Cemetery near Pinkney, Wayne County, North Carolina.

2. Louis G. Holland was born 2 September 1877.  He died 26 November 1897 at age 20 from injuries received from well sweep.  Louis is buried at Elisha Holland Cemetery on North Carolina Highway 581 north of Pinkney, Wayne County.  There is a picture of his grave in the Album section of this web site.  

3. West Pratt Holland was born 18 October 1879, died 20 September 1880 at age 11 months; he was buried at Elisha Holland Cemetery.

4.  Mamie (called Minnie) Lee Holland was born 27 November 1881.  She married John Daniel Hales.  John was born 30 September 1879 and died 3 January 1973. They lived in Pikeville, North Carolina.   Minnie died 4 January 1953.  Both Minnie and John are buried in Pikeville Cemetery, Pikeville, Wayne County, North Carolina.
Children of Minnie Lee Holland and John Daniel Hales: 

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5. Joseph Walter Holland was born 25 December 1883.  He died 17 February 1901 at age 17.  Walter is buried at Elisha Holland Cemetery on N.C. Highway 581 north of Pinckney, Wayne County.  There is a picture of his grave in the Album section of this web site.  

6.  Lou Ella (called Ella) Holland was born 26 December 1885, died 1927 at about age 44.  She is buried in Smithfield, North Carolina.  Ella married Edward J. Sasser.  See picture.

7. David Holland was born 2 February 1888. On 20 January 1911 in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, he married Emma Lea Bryant who was born 29 April 1894 in Monroe, Amherst County, Virginia, daughter of Richard S. Bryant and Florence.  They were divorced after 1915 and before 1918.  Emma married 2nd Henry Rogers Gaddy, born 20 June 1885. They lived in Tampa, Florida and had two children, Jack Gaddy (born 1918) and Dorothy Gaddy (261-28-4151), born 14 February 1919; died 26 June 2009 Odessa, Hillsborough County, Florida.  Emma died of cancer 11 July 1964 and was buried in Myrtle Hill Memorial Park in Tampa, Florida 14 July 1964.  Henry Gaddy (262-07-6018) died 5 November 1973 in Tampa, Hillsborough, FL 33612. 

David Holland worked in the Seaboard Hotel in Hamlet, North Carolina around 1913-1916.  His two sons, Louis and Curtis, lived for awhile, after their mother Emma left, with David's sister Ella.  They also lived with "Aunt" Lizzie and "Uncle" Nathan Barnett of Pikeville (no relation).  Lizzie (b. 4 November 1886, d. 20 July 1974) and Nathan (b. 17 May 1886, d. 20 September 1944) Barnett are buried in the Pike Cemetery located in Wayne County on the Pikeville-Princeton Road about 3 miles west of Pikeville, North Carolina.  

David Holland, a resident of Johnston County, married 2nd Bessie Owens of Fountain, North Carolina, daughter of N. C. Owens and Weltha Webb.  She was born 15 November 1894.  They obtained a marriage license in Wayne County, North Carolina and were married 4 April 1918, in Goldsboro.  He was 29 and she was 23. 

By the 1920 census, David's family was living at 126 South John Street, Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina. David Holland was the proprietor of the McAlphin Hotel and his “household” consisted of the following:
D. Holland, head, male, white, age 32, married, proprietor, hotel, employer
Bessie, wife, female, white, age 24, married, no occupation listed
Louis Lee, son, m, w, 8, single, attending school, occupation: none
David A?, son, m, w, 5, single, (read/write/speak English left blank); occupation: none
Charles Aycock, employee, m, w, 34, single, clerk at hotel, salaried
Otto Gribbling, employee, m, w, 21, single, waiter at hotel, salaried
Leonard Williams, employee, m, w, 17, single, dishwasher at hotel, salaried
Everyone could read, write, speak English and all were born in North Carolina to parents that were born in North Carolina.

David Holland died 30 October 1932, at age 44, and was buried in Fountain, North Carolina.  Bessie Owens died 12 August 1979.  She was buried in Wayne Memorial Park on U. S. Highway 117, Goldsboro, North Carolina, next to her husband David who was moved from Fountain and reburied there on 20 May 1952 in grave location 1C, 251, #4.  Pictures of David Holland, Emma Bryant, Bessie Owens, Louis and Curtis Holland, Diana and Jack Holland are in the Album section of this web site, as are pictures of Bessie Owens and her children Sydney, Janie, and Peggy.  Pictures of the graves of David Holland and his 2nd wife Bessie are in the Album Cemetery section.

Children of David Holland and Emma Lea Bryant:

Children of David Holland and his 2nd wife Bessie Owen: